The Watercooler ~ Recommend it, baby!

Before RedState redesigned their website (in July of 2012 I believe), we had an awesome feature that was lost in the transition. Some readers may only read the front page and do not realize that we have an active membership community where members can just read and lurk, make comments (the place where great discussions sometimes turn into flame wars) and write member diaries. Prior to the redesign, each member diary had a “Recommend” button underneath the byline.


Evidently, there were problems with the system being gamed in the past (this occurred right before I got here so I missed the drama). But to me, it was a great feature and the primary way that diaries received recognition and promotion in the recommended diary feed. The more recommends a diary received, the longer it would stay in the top ten feed. Since conservatism includes free-market principles and views competition as a healthy motivator, endeavoring to write the best diary of the day or on a particular topic is definitely considered a virtue.

Well, as of today, RedState now has a recommend button at the top of each diary. Please use it when you are really impressed with the contents of a diary. There are many ways to promote conservatism — RedState’s primary mission — and writing diaries is one of them.

Have a great weekend and, as usual, the Watercooler is always an open thread.


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