The Watercooler ~ Irreconcilable Differences: Grounds for Divorce from Establishment Repubs

I’m a total team player. Loyal to a fault some would say. I have dutifully followed Erick and RedState’s counsel to vote conservative in the primary and Republican in the general. In reality, what other choices do we have? We know that trying to form a third party is doomed from the outset. So, where do we go from here now that the evidence is in and we know that more than a handful of Senate Republicans have turned on us — in the shocking manner they exhibited in Mississippi — as viciously as the most unprincipled Democrat would do?


All bets are off now. All pretense can be set aside. We can no longer pretend there is any semblance of being on the same page or having the same platform or goals. Our differences are glaringly irreconcilable now.

I don’t have an answer beyond what we’re already doing. The only difference now is that the battlegrounds are getting more distinct — an inevitable good thing in the long game. We need to coalesce with the true conservatives and isolate the establishment as much as possible. And stay open to receiving disaffected Dems as they are alienated more and more from their party, too.

We knew this was coming. A house divided against itself cannot stand. So let’s unite those who want to save America under true Republican principles. What other options do we have? We must fight until we win.

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