The Watercooler ~ Shout Out to ColdWarrior's Precinct Committeeman Project

I want to use today’s Watercooler to give a loud shout out to ColdWarrior’s Precinct Committeeman Project.

When I started my delve into political activism a few years ago, I was constantly reading ColdWarrior’s diaries and comments here at RedState about becoming a precinct committeeman at the local level to change the party from within. Being the naturally nosy and inquisitive person that I am, I began to listen to him. I had never heard of a precinct committeeman.


His strategy made sense to me and now that I am better informed, I believe the precinct committeeman project is one of the most critical strategic plans to bring about real, substantive change inside the Republican Party.

We are at war with a formidable foe and none of us have time to waste doing things that produce little results.

I hope you will take ColdWarrior’s advice and find out how to become a local precinct committeeman. (As ColdWarrior makes clear, the reason most of us are in the dark about it is because the insiders don’t want us to know it is the key to changing the power structure inside the party.) Here is a brief video of Erick speaking about it and be sure to click on the link above to find out more.

Thanks, ColdWarrior.

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