The Watercooler ~ First Impressions of Dave Brat

Like so many of us, I really did not know anything about Dave Brat before his brilliant victory last night. I was so excited about his defeat of Cantor, I stayed up late to listen to the commentary and find out as much as I could about him. Along with Hannity’s interviews of him, the video that taught me the most about Dave Brat was his eleven minute victory speech. I’ve included it below for those who may have missed it.

In that brief speech, he revealed himself to be the perfect conservative Republican. A bold unashamed Christian, in the beginning of the speech he held up the scripture from Luke 18:27 that he read every day during his campaign, “Jesus said, The things which are impossible with men, are possible with God.” After thanking his family and the many foot soldiers who helped him win, he then called out the media for shoddily reporting on what his six Republican principles are which he made clear all along:

1. Free Markets

2. Equal Treatment Under the Law (Without mentioning illegal aliens, it is clear that he considers amnesty favoritism under the law…which, IMO, is the core problem with all notions of amnesty.)

3. Fiscal Responsibility

4. Adherence to Constitutional Principles (Here he referenced the Tenth Amendment and the enumerated powers…Yes!)

5. Strong National Defense (made reference to Reagan here).

6. The Faith of the Founders (He is a God-fearing man and understands that without morality, our Republic cannot stand.)

The perfect Republican. God bless him.

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