The Watercooler ~ President Goes Roguer

Things are getting so bad with President Obama’s erratic actions that we now have Senator Reid echoing Hillary’s hysterical, “What difference does it make!?!” in response to a question by a reporter trying to get Reid to clarify when he knew of the president’s plan to trade Bergdahl for five Taliban bad guys:


And we’ve got Senator Ted Cruz vowing to introduce legislation next week halting the release of all Guantanamo Bay detainees (no disrespect intended, but what makes you think passing more legislation will stop a rogue president?).

Short of putting him in stocks and keeping him from his phone and pen for the next two years, just how do we put the brakes on a president who seems to be losing control of all restraint and isolating himself from anyone who would stand in his way?

Maybe we could call in the president’s closest advisers to counsel him to resign for the sake of the country. Truly, at this stage of affairs, Joe Biden would be a breath of fresh bull.


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