The Watercooler ~ Government by Thug, Hissy-Fit and Executive Order

Getting more and more desperate as they see prospects for moving the progressive agenda forward wane, Senators Schumer and Reid have taken it upon themselves to use a combination of thuggery and hissy-fits to demand action on immigration reform…or else,…or else,…”we’ll sic Obama on y’all with an executive order.” (That was my paraphrased quote.)


“We’ve waited 329 days, we’re willing to wait another six weeks,” Reid said Thursday, referring to the number of days that have passed since his chamber passed a comprehensive reform bill. “But at the end of six weeks, if something hasn’t been done, then there’s gonna have to be a move made. And it’s too bad we have to do that, because we all know things can be done administratively, but it’s better to change the law.”

Not to be upstaged or left out of the thuggery limelight, Schumer gave the final ultimatum:

Schumer, who has previously said there could be legislation by “June or July,” concurred.

“They have about a six-week window, from June 10 after the last Republican primary until the August recess. If they don’t pass immigration reform then, the president will have no choice but to act on his own,” he said…

Really, Schumer? Really, Reid? Have you conferred with Obama on this? Or are you just assuming you can use him as a ploy and take advantage of his cowardly way of leading from behind?

Things are out of control in Washington, D.C. We all know that. And we are about to see, one more time, whether McConnell and Boehner have the chutzpah to call these thugs on their threats by ignoring the tantrums and seeing them for what they are — a manipulative demand to get their way and to avert attention from the increasing unpopularity of the Democrat’s agenda. If McConnell or Boehner cave, give in to the hissy-fits and threats, and take any action to move forward any amnesty bills, they must realize they will sabotage the momentum Republicans have barely eked out leading up to the elections. Not to mention irreparably change America forever by allowing the open border savages to destroy our sovereignty and freedom once and for all.


They can’t be that stupid, can they?

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