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As I mentioned before, at the conservative conference I went to over the weekend here in Southern California, there were many pleasant surprises and creative approaches being utilized in our camp that were brought to the forefront. One of them was a hilarious stand-up comedian I had never heard of before.


His name is Evan Sayet and he is a Jewish ex-liberal — states he got converted on 9-12-2001 when his liberal friends all began to blame the U.S. for 9-11. He uses his innate talent for making people laugh to mock liberals and had the audience literally rolling in the aisles for at least thirty minutes. I was hoping someone put up the whole spiel but was only able to find a couple of minutes of it. Listen as he nails down the typical liberal’s approach to discussion and debate:


For a little treat, I stumbled upon this song last night and was reminded of God’s amazing ability to take the most devastating tragedies and suffering and turn them into something beautiful. Enjoy.

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