The Watercooler ~ An Open Thread

Warning: Sarc meter is experiencing extreme pressure and may cause unexpected outbursts of incomprehensible rambling.

So, what’s up at the Department of Homeland Security? Why won’t they approve the document made by the California Department of Motor Vehicles so the undocumented can get a document to let them drive? Just because they’re not authorized to be here in the first place, that is NO EXCUSE to delay making it easier for them to stay here! This whole country was built by immigrants…I bet your parents were here illegal in the beginning, too. You are just prejudice!


Because discrimination!

And besides that, I can prove I’m a good American because I should be able to drive just like all other Americans. Because it’s a RIGHT…not a PRIVILEGE! And we contribute to being good citizens every day…so that we should also be allowed to vote.

If it weren’t for the Republicans, none of us would have to be afraid of being here. So, I would always vote Democrat. Because they really care about us and all the other American citizens.


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