Melinda Gates Can't Stay Quiet - So She's Endorsing Biden

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Melinda French Gates is a real piece of work.

Granted, if you converted the Gates fortune into one-dollar bills and laid them all end-to-end, the chain would probably run out somewhere around Aldebaran. But that wealth has not, sadly, gifted either Bill or Melinda Gates with any real insight into governance. Melinda Gates does, of course, have every right to advocate for the candidate of her choice — but boy, howdy, this is how she chose?


Let's deconstruct her endorsement, just for fun. She writes:

Women deserve a leader who cares about the issues they face and is committed to protecting their safety,

"Protecting their safety?" By letting millions of unscreened, unvetted, largely unknown illegal immigrants flood across our southern border? Did Joe Biden care about Laken Riley's safety? Or Rachel Morin's safety? What about Jocelyn Nungaray

Melinda, you are asking people to vote for more of this. Do you not care about the safety of these women? These women who would be alive today were it not for Joe Biden, literally on Day One of his administration, throwing the nation's borders open?

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She continues:

...their health, their economic power, their reproductive rights, and their ability to freely and fully participate in a functioning democracy. 


Health? What has Joe Biden done to help women's health? Oh, I know, "women's health" is often used by the left as a dog-whistle for "abortion," which she cites later as "reproductive rights," and is no doubt referring to the Supreme Court decision that returned the matter to where the Constitution says it belongs — the states. And economic power? You mean the Bidenomics plan that has failed so badly that the administration is now eschewing the very word "Bidenomics"? And Melinda, Melinda, please, for the millionth time, the United States is not a democracy! It never was a democracy. The Constitution is designed specifically to preclude pure democracy; the Founders set the nation up as a constitutional republic, and it's hard to take you seriously talking about matters of the national government when you don't even know what type of government we have!

In this election, the contrast couldn’t be greater, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

In this, she is correct. The nation cannot take four more years of this — especially when you consider that Joe Biden almost certainly won't make it through a second term and when you consider who his understudy is.

She concludes:

I will be voting for President Biden.


To put it more bluntly (and accurately), she will be voting for a senile old fool and a cackling incompetent.

There is nothing about Melinda Gates's endorsement that anyone should take seriously. She is the very model of a modern limousine liberal, sheltered from the consequences of the policies she supports by incredible wealth, with very little idea of how people outside of her narrow circle live. If you asked her to boil an egg, she would likely give you a look of dull incomprehension; ask her or any of her ilk to change a tire, and they would likely run away screaming.

You can read Melinda Gates's full endorsement (if you care to) here.


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