'Unacceptable': Utah's GOP Gov Hits Denver's Dem Mayor for Failing to Give Notice on Sending Illegals

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It's become a trend, lately, all these "sanctuary" jurisdictions, having proclaimed themselves havens to people in the country illegally, being overwhelmed by said illegals - upon which the sanctuary cities and states start bussing the people in question elsewhere.


Now this is a lot like shoveling flies across a barn, because most, if not all, of the illegal aliens will just go back to the friendlier environs they were sent away from. Denver, it seems, is learning this lesson the hard way - and is responding by upping the ante, sending more illegals to Utah.

The problem is that the Colorado capital's mayor neglected to inform Utah they were doing it.

Gov. Spencer Cox (R-UT) blasted Colorado’s Mayor of Denver, Mike Johnston (D), for sending immigrants to the state without notice.

Last year, Michael Bernacke, the director of the Salt Lake City Field Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, designated Utah as a sanctuary state. At the time, Senate President J. Stuart Adams (R), then-House Speaker Brad Wilson (R), and Cox refuted the designation.

“All 50 states, including Utah, are now border states due to the failed immigration policies of President Biden and Congress,” Cox went on. “Once again, we call on the Biden administration and Congress to solve this crisis.”


The rest of Cox's X post reads: "Every state has received illegal immigrants and Utah’s resources are completely depleted."

He's not wrong, and it's an issue that the Biden administration is not just ignoring, but actually facilitating:

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Denver admitted that the transport operations are happening, claiming they've "been incredibly transparent":

A Denver Human Services spokesperson confirmed to the Washington Examiner that some 59 immigrants were sent to Utah in the last 30 days. Additionally, 111 were transported to New York City and 46 others to Chicago. All three locations were chosen by these immigrants. Denver has purchased 2,000 one-way bus tickets to Salt Lake City reserved for immigrants.

“Denver has been incredibly transparent with all of our newcomer operations, including our onward travel efforts,” the spokesperson said. “[W]e remain in close communication with officials to provide notification if larger groups are traveling or in the exceedingly rare occasion that a flight is booked.”

Apparently, they weren't in close communications with officials in Utah.


This is an electoral calamity in the making for the perenially clueless Biden administration. There doesn't seem to be a bad situation that they can't make worse - we may well remember President Obama's caution that there is nothing "...that Joe can't f**k up." He seems to have filled his staff and cabinet with those of similar ability because this administration has a greater capacity for screwing things up than any in living memory.

This is a big issue for Americans. In the November elections, it's liable to be the issue. The deep-blue sanctuary jurisdictions are now joining the Biden administration in committing tone-deaf errors on this, and every time the polling numbers get darker for them, they react by screwing up even harder.

It would be funny if it weren't this serious. November, again, can't come soon enough.



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