Dark Times, Dark Outlooks in America: Is the Biden Administration Ruining Us?

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

There can be no denying that we live in interesting times, as references the supposed (but not really) ancient Chinese curse. As we have seen all too vividly here at RedState and in other news outlets over the last month, the world's tension level has spiked, with wars now not only in Eastern Europe but also in the Middle East; Israel recently suffered an unprovoked attack in which the radical Islamic terror group Hamas committed some of the worst atrocities ever seen in the history of the modern world. 

Meanwhile, the United States, having apparently abandoned the post-WW2 Pax Americana that kept the global trade routes free and secure, is embarrassed daily by a man who is almost certainly the weakest president in the history of the republic.

Now, Iran is once again poking the eagle. Former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman is not amused.

Iran is delivering to the United States right now a massive national insult. I mean, we are just without dignity right now when it comes to Iran. I mean, they attacked us 28 times since the war began. Our response was to, you know, send a couple of missiles over empty warehouses coupled with an apology. Their human rights record is atrocious. I mean, these two beautiful young women, because they dared not cover their faces properly, were taken into custody. Mahsa Amini died two days later from her wounds. Armita Garawand, who was in a coma for a month, she unfortunately just succumbed to her wounds. They shoot protesters in the streets. They take dissenters and they execute them publicly. The foreign minister of Iran, we give him safe passage into our country. We protect him. He gets up in front of the United Nations, and he lectures the United States and Israel. He threatens us. And now they're the head of the Human Rights Council? I mean, this is outrageous.

Of course it's outrageous, and it's outrageous because Iran knows the Biden administration will be everything but outraged by these actions. If there is a word for the Biden administration's response to Iran's blustering and, yes, outright attacks on American servicemen, it would be this: impotent. This administration can't even seem to muster a reply to the United Nation's hideously inappropriate appointment of Iran to chair the Human Rights Council Social Forum.

What else could we expect from a doddering, confused president who can't even negotiate the stairway into Air Force One?

We see this morning that, despite all of the lawfare waged against him, despite the undying enmity of the legacy media and the hostility of many, even in his own party, former President Trump is polling well ahead of President Biden in key swing states. Polls at this point are not terribly meaningful, as not even one primary vote has yet been cast, but the trend, the trend is undeniable.

Trump leads Biden by a whopping 10 points in Nevada, six points in Georgia, five points in both Arizona and Michigan, and four points in Pennsylvania. Biden's sole lead is in Wisconsin, where he beats Trump by two points.

Biden had defeated Trump in all six states during the 2020 election. Combining the polling in all six states gives Trump a 48-44 lead over Biden.

At this point, two things about the 2024 Presidential election seem likely: President Trump will continue to drive forward in his attempt to pull a Grover Cleveland and regain the Resolute Desk, and President Biden will likely not end up being the Democrat candidate. If the Dems want to retire old Joe and pick a replacement, though, they are quickly running out of time, especially as the detestable, cackling Kamala Harris would amount to a sure loss.

The trouble goes well beyond the White House. Young idiots and Islamic extremists have staged riots over Israel's response to the October 7th attacks, to the point of smearing blood on the White House gates. These same people were, of course, silent while Syria gassed its own people, while Iraq under Saddam Hussein slaughtered the Marsh Arabs, or as China continues to persecute and imprison its (mostly Muslim) Uyghur minority.

Not a peep when Muslims were killed by their own governments. But let Israel retaliate for one of the most hideous attacks in modern history, and suddenly it's Katy-bar-the-door, because the idiots are on parade, to the point where Jews — Jewish Democrats, mind — are beginning to feel very uncomfortable with their own government. And the Biden administration is largely silent on all of these issues.

As I said, interesting times. It's not at all inconceivable that a third world war may be on the horizon. The Democrat Party seems to be self-destructing. And former President Trump is surging.

I've never cared for the whole "The next election is the most important in the nation's history" claim. But I am convinced that the next few election cycles will set the tone for the rest of the century, and I am likewise convinced that if America falls, the world will likely enter into another dark age.

And in Washington, a befuddled, confused, dimwitted man, one of the most deeply and fundamentally corrupt political figures since Huey Long — maybe since Caligula — still has his liver-spotted hands on the reins of power.



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