I'm Not Saying It's Aliens, But in 2027 It Will Be Aliens

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Again with the aliens!

It would be a slow news day indeed if at least one kook didn’t reveal himself. Mind you, in this modern, heavily-connected era, we have plenty of kooks to choose from. This time it’s a former CIA agent, one John Ramirez, who informs us we have four years to prepare to take our new alien overlords to our leaders. We may want to find some better leaders first, although it would be entertaining to take the aliens to Elon Musk – or Gary Busey.


Back to John Ramirez: We’ve been warned.

If you’re paying casual attention to the headlines it might feel as though there’s been a shift in the extraterrestrial tides. These days, the existence of visiting extraterrestrials doesn’t sound so unrealistic. According to former CIA agent John Ramirez, there’s a reason for that.

It still sounds pretty unrealistic.

After leaving the intelligence community, Ramirez has enjoyed a second career as a UFO aficionado, making the rounds of the podcast circuit to tell the world what he allegedly knows. In February 2023, he gave an interview on Podcast UFO, during which he warned of an oncoming alien revelation in 2027.

According to Ramirez, the recent disclosures, whistleblowers, and underwater discoveries are all part of an intentional narrative to prepare the population for the day the aliens show up; a day he says is only a few years away. Here’s what Ramirez had to say, with minor edits for clarity.

How about some minor edits for sanity?

“We’re kind of preparing the U.S. population at least, and by extension the world population, to that reality. That there is a presence here and that we need to explain this presence. Because if they show up and we continue to do what we did before in previous decades, there will be mass panic,” Ramirez said.


I have a few questions. First, Ramirez states, “We need to explain this presence.” As the old saying goes, “What’s this ‘we’ stuff, Kemosabe?”

Exactly who is Ramirez working with to prepare us for the arrival of the aliens? (Please let it be Gary Busey.)

Second, Ramirez states “…if they show up and we continue to do what we did before in previous decades (Note: As opposed to what we did before in subsequent decades?), there will be mass panic.” What things is he talking about? Going about our lives as usual? Ignoring kooks who claim to have the inside track on alien arrivals?

And, of course, the basis for his prediction:

“In many ways I think the word got out within the government that they’re showing up in 2027 and we better be prepared. I’ve heard 2027 in kind of an official capacity I can’t reveal. I would say people in the government are aware of something happening and that there is limited time, a few more years, to prepare the people,” Ramirez said.

“In kind of an official capacity.” One that he can’t reveal. Of course, it is. Well, humanity had a good run while it lasted, I suppose.

Alien Movie

Isn’t it enough that Congress is wasting their time and our money talking about aliens? There’s no reason to give them any more encouragement; next thing you know they’ll have Mr. Ramirez testifying before some Congressional committee. Besides, Mr. Ramirez is wrong; it seems aliens are already here, and engaged in gold mining.


I get that this kind of thing is entertaining. I get that it’s fun to speculate about aliens. And I am pretty certain that somewhere out there in the ungrokkable vastness of the cosmos, there are probably other thinking beings, although the chances of ever meeting them are essentially zero. I should get all that; I’m a science fiction writer myself, and I’m well aware of the breathtaking abandon with which we sci-fi guys just make stuff up. That’s what makes it fun.

But it’s science fiction, and not meant to be taken this seriously. Nobody should take John Ramirez and his ilk seriously, either. Especially not Congress.


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