Chip Chip Coloring Book (Part One): Things You Can Do At Home

I have a dear friend who is struggling to help her children understand what is going on with all this social-distancing, quasi-quarantine stuff. (And when you, as an adult don’t even understand what or why it’s not easy to ease the fears of your children.)


As I tried to give her some ideas on parenting in times of an epidemic, I  wondered how many other parents now have the nearly impossible 24/7 job of keeping their children optimistic and occupied.

So to help I decided to create a coloring book of how the Chip family is coping with this. If I did the math right, each page to color should print out precisely to an 8 1/2 by 11 page. If there is interest I’ll add more pages to color soon.

It is my hope that little kids, older kids, and maybe even some adults might like a coloring book.


If Chip Chip brought you some joy leave a note in the comments section and we will publish more. Stay safe out there!


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