Saturday Funny: The Eleven Commandments for a Republican Rino

Years ago, while running for office in California, Ronald Reagan suggested the Republican party’s 11th commandment, “thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” And like all commandments, this one gets broken quite often. Two weeks ago I introduced Congressman Wemus Bendover in this cartoon
And today I hosted a “fill in the toon” contest asking, “what would be the 10 commandments of a rino Republican?”


TIME’S UP! Thank you all for your suggestions. I have added one more to the original 10. And I edited them a bit for brevity. I’ve got to say, you all seemed to be able to get into the mind of Congressman Wemus so well that I’m worried that some of you may be Vichy Republican moles.

Today is Saturday Funny. Toby Toons and I each post a cartoon to brighten your weekend. So be sure and visit Toby’s Saturday Funny Toon today. But be warned, don’t read it aloud.


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