Meet ISIS Czar Robert Malley (no relation)

I first heard Robert Malley’s name last Friday, on one of the conservative radio talk shows. Since his name is only one letter different from my dad’s, I thought I’d Google him up. Maybe a long-lost cousin, who knows?


After digging a little into Malley’s background (admittedly, all on Wikipedia), I conclude we’d be better off to appoint Jared Fogle to the Child Abuse Task Force, or maybe John Gotti, Jr. to head the FBI. Classic Obama. Whose side is this guy on?

For Malley [above, left], the promotion [to ISIS Czar] completed an unusual return to the highest echelon of government, seven years after a political stir over revelations he’d met with the militant group Hamas.

At the time, Malley was working for the International Crisis Group, a nonprofit that studies violent conflicts like the one that has divided Israelis and Palestinians for generations. The US considers Hamas a terrorist group, and amid the dust-up, Malley terminated his role as an informal adviser to Obama’s presidential campaign. [Source.]

Hmmm, met with Hamas, eh? That could be a red flag, but since Obama sat in Jeremiah Wright’s pews for twenty years and can’t recall a single sermon, I guess it’s possible that Malley is not a Hamas sympathizer.

If you want a few more, *ahem*, red flags, just read Wikipedia’s “Early Life” section of Malley’s bio.


His mother: “…a New Yorker who worked for the United Nations delegation of the Algerian National Liberation Front (FNL), …”

His father: “… an Egyptian-born Jewish journalist who grew up in Egypt and worked as a foreign correspondent for Al Gomhuria, a newspaper linked closely to Gamal Abdul Nasser’s government.”

The Malleys were vehemently anti-Israel and counted Yasser Arafat as a personal friend. The elder Malley [Robert’s father, Simon] was anti-western and supported the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan, the Cuban intervention in Angola and Ethiopia, the seizure of American hostages in Iran, the Algerian-backed guerrilla war in southern Morocco, and the Arab opposition to Israel and the Camp David agreements.

The Washington Post, on August 7, 1980, reported the elder Malley was a founder of the Egyptian Communist Party and at the time was under investigation by French authorities for pro-Soviet activities. [Emphasis added.]

Malley and Obama were both students at Harvard Law School in the early 1990’s.

So there you have it. Another Red Diaper Baby in the Administration, with all the usual anti-Western bona fides. Follows the pattern of Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama himself.


ISIS has shown who they are. They chop off the heads of their enemies. They drown them in cages. They throw homosexuals from buildings. They destroy priceless antiquities. Their goal is to destroy civilization.

ISIS is evil. It doesn’t matter what motivates them. You don’t negotiate with evil. You can’t find common ground. Evil must be destroyed, and destroyed utterly.

Obama claims to have a strategy to either destroy ISIS, or to control and contain it; I’m not really sure which is the operative strategy. In either case, confronting ISIS is a job for grown ups, not softheaded lefty dilettantes.

ISIS’ best recruiting tool is a weak, feckless and corrupt America.

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