Edwin Edwards for Governor?

Fans of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards have created a Facebook page called “Ask Obama to Pardon Edwin Edwards”. As an convicted felon, the Silver Zipper is precluded from running for a fifth term as governor. Barack Obama could change all that.


According to Edwin, you see, Bobby Jindal has things so messed up in Louisiana that the Democrats are having trouble finding anyone to take on the challenge.

Edwards said that in the relatively short time that he’s been out of prison on racketeering charges he has found “there are a lot of people who want Jindal to have opposition and a lot of people who want me to be governor. You put those two factors together and you have a lot of talk about the possibility of my running. It’s both flattering and understandable, given the status of Louisiana politics today.”

Edwards said he was approached by Democratic Party leaders to encourage possible challengers to Jindal’s re-election but “for a multitude of different reasons, nobody seems interested in tackling the job and I’m not sure that I blame them.”


Among the 1,700 “likes” on the Facebook page are such notable luminaries as former Governor Kathleen Blanco (D), former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (D), the Louisiana Democratic Party, and, yes, even President Barack Obama, the man who could make these fans’ dream a reality.


Current State Senator Rob Marionneaux is the highest-profile Dem who is rumored to be considering a challenge to Republican incumbent Bobby Jindal in this fall’s election.

Such is the state of the Democratic Party in Louisiana. The President’s moratorium and outright economic warfare on the state has permanently damaged the Democratic brand. Last week, it was announced that Dems no longer comprise a majority of the electorate. Both houses of the state legislature have flipped to Republican control. Senator Mary Landrieu is the only Democrat who holds statewide office.

And their strongest prospect for governor is an 80 year old newlywed, well rested after serving 8 years of a 10-year on Federal holiday for racketeering.

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