Former Gov. Edwin Edwards (D) Leaves the Crossbar Hotel

Former Governor Edwin W. Edwards (D) left the Federal Penitentiary in Oakdale, LA today, ending 8-1/2 years of confinement. He had been sentence to 10 years on racketeering charges, stemming from his involvement in the state’s casino licensing process. He will live with his daughter in suburban Baton Rouge, and the terms of his release require him to check in periodically at a halfway house.


Edwards has to keep his pie-hole shut until June. Statewide elections are in October. We’ll see how long Edwin’s political exile lasts. He absolutely craves the limelight.

On the positive side, it looks like he got fat in prison, plus he’s 83. The last Mrs. Edwards, Candy Picou, divorced him in 2004 but has left the door open to a rekindling of that relationship.

: In 2006, Candy Edwards gave birth to a child named Harrison Arthur Picou Low. The father is Brian Low (born 1975). Low and Candy are not married and she is still single. Candy has said that she brought the child to the prison on one of her visits with her for Edwin to see him. She said that he is very supportive of her. Candy Edwards continues to use her married name and works as a real estate agent. When asked if she and Edwin would ever get back together after his release from prison she said that “anything could happen”.

Ahh, romance.



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