'The Un' vs The One

What a scary world we live in.

Who would have guessed that in the 21st century one of the world’s largest military powers, a nuclear state no less, would contemplate handing the reins of power to an untested neophyte?


The exact details of his birth have been kept under wraps. The details of his elite private education are shadowy, too.

He’s the ultimate product of a corrupt political dynasty. He was nurtured for his role by observing the hardball machinations of toadies, thugs and thieves. As a government underling, he was a cipher. His ascension to power was marked by unearned awards and the fawning, irrational devotion of brainwashed throngs.

We don’t know if he has a goal beyond the ruthless exertion of his will upon the masses.

But enough about Barack Obama. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, a/k/a Dear Junior, is pretty scary, too.

“The goosestep’s the new step today…”

Photos from boston.com (H/T Rat Petunia):

A North Korean anniversary and debut

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