The Worst Social Contagion We'll Ever Have Experienced

There have been a lot of people who have changed their opinion of radical gender ideology over the last couple of years — and a lot of that is due to the work that activists have put in to expose and shed light on some of the things that are being taught to children in schools. Just look at everything that happened in Loudoun county Virginia — and how central of an issue education became in electing Republican governor Glenn Youngkin. But there’s one group of people who haven’t budged on this issue one bit — and that’s parents who have given in to radical gender ideology for their own children. It’s not something we think about often, but there’s a very good reason why these parents won’t — or can’t budge on this issue. There’s an Irish journalist named Helen Joyce, who’s done incredible work on this topic, and explains this phenomenon perfectly.

1:19 PM on July 19, 2023

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