WV Democrat Party Leaders Using Intimidation to Get Out the Vote

We are less than seven days out from Republicans in West Virginia taking a U.S. Senate seat, all three seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as taking over the state House of Delegates.


Now that we are in the final stretch, Democrat Party leaders in West Virginia are turning to intimidation to get out the vote.

On person on Twitter received the following letter signed by state Democrat Party Chairman Larry Puccio:

“Our records indicate that you are eligible to vote in 2014.

The West Virginia Democratic Party monitors the level of voting in your neighborhood. The Kanawha County Clerk’s Office official voting records are public information, and show whether you cast a ballot, but not [who] you voted for. We will be reviewing these records after the election to determine whether you joined other citizens who voted in 2014…

…Please don’t disappoint us.”

Needless to say, this letter creeped out this woman, who took to Twitter to vent.

Of course, the Democrat candidates has often used intimidation to get people to the polls in the state’s history, particularly during primaries. This is not a tactic that can work anymore, and now people can go to social media with the proof.

This also isn’t the first time that Democrats have tried to use their voter rolls in an unethical way. The state Ethics Commission smacked House Democrats for using voter mailing lists compiled by the state Democrat Party to send official House of Delegates letters to likely voters prior to the May primary. Even Secretary of State Natalie Tennant’s office looks like it’s operating in a partisan way. the state Supreme Court scolded Tennant for trying to leave off the ballot a Republican candidate for House of Delegates. Her office has been lax in making Democrat-supporting third party groups, like the the AFL-CIO’s “Honest West Virginians,” file their financial reports on time (Honest West Virginians finally filed their reports two days after I wrote about it, but still weeks after they made large radio and TV ad buys, in clear violation). She can’t even follow her own polling place rules, leading a rally to the doors of a voter registration office.


The numbers don’t look good for Democrats. Republicans just need four seats to sweep the House of Delegates for the first time in 83 years, with as many as 10 seats in play. The state Senate could see as many as seven Republicans elected, putting that body at a 17-17 tie. And U.S. Senator Joe Manchin could easily find himself the senior congressional Democrat. Democrat leaders have lost the confidence of the electorate and can’t get it back any other way than by threatening registered Democrats.

With friends like Democrats, who needs enemies?


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