Illinois Exodus

For all 35 years of my life I have called Illinois home.

Unfortunately I can not stay one more day.

I am just the latest person to join the Illinois exodus and left the land of Lincoln and Ronald Reagan for anywhere else.


Sky high property taxes, a nearly year old income tax hike that is only going to get raised again soon, crushing public pension debt, a pitifully stagnant economy and no appeal to job creators, an open hostility to the 2nd amendment and a legal a gun owners, rampant warzone like crime in Chicago, and more corrupt politicians than can be counted, 99% of whom go unpunished.

Pick your reason or all the above the people pulling the boat are fleeing and we’re heading to Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Tennessee ,Arizona, and in my case Texas. A state that is about as polar opposite from Illinois as you can get.

Now that I’ve arrived in Texas I don’t have to worry about the state taking more and more of what I earn, new jobs and business opportunities abound, no ones going to try and take my gun or favorite gun store(that’s a serious thing before the legislature), and I get to be represented by good men and women who vocally support and wholeheartedly defend conservative principles.

Good bye to my Representatives Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Adam Kinzinger(RINO) pushing amnesty, good bye to lying Bruce Rauner making taxpayers fund abortions and giving illegals sanctuary, good bye to the tyrant and speaker for life Michael Madigan.


Hello Ted Cruz, Gov Abbott, and the rest of the good people my fellow conservatives have gotten into office.  Because of you Texas is saying no to sanctuary cities, said no to a state income tax(Yes!!!), fully respects my 2nd amendment right, has jobs out there for folks like me who are looking(HR people in Texas feel free to PM me), and has already gotten on board with an Article V convention of states.

Freedom has never felt so good.

As I am now obligated to say God Bless Texas(and may Chicago sink to the bottom of Lake Michigan


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