Strangest Bedfellows: Major Trump Critic Joins The Donald In Attacking House Freedom Caucus

Politics can create the strangest of bedfellows and nothing could be stranger than seeing one of the leading critics of everything Donald Trump did and said during the 2016 election cycle joining forces with President temper tantrum to attack the House Freedom Caucus for derailing the fraudulent Obamacare repeal and replacement bill.


Here is President Trump taking to Twitter over the last few days in regards to the Freedom Caucus:

Just to be clear the Freedom Caucus didn’t help out Planned Parenthood or save Obamacare, they actually tried to get all Republicans, Donald Trump included, to stick to their campaign promises for the last 7 years to REPEAL Obamacare, not take Obama’s name off of it and replace it with Trump’s.

One of those Republicans whose been saying(and voting) for these last 7 years to repeal Obamacare has been Illinois RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Kinzinger, who spent all of the 2016 election cycle attacking every word and policy position of Trump’s, and who has openly admitted that he didn’t vote for Trump(or Hillary, and diffenetly not Gary Johnson), has joined in with Trump attacking the Freedom Caucus over their gaul to actually make the GOP stick to its campaing promises.


Congressman Kinzinger also retweeted Trump’s Sunday attack on the FC, Heritage, and the Club For Growth.

In a statement he released after Obamacare lite was pulled by Speaker Paul Ryan, Kinzinger actually said that he wants to work with Democrats on healthcare:

I’m ready and willing to work with anyone, Republicans and/or Democrats, to fix our broken healthcare system and make it better for the American people…..Our constitutional system makes it nearly impossible to push legislation that checks all of the boxes for one particular ideology. It’s why we work together, as a legislative branch, to put together legislation that best reflects the core interests of the American people. Issuing ultimatums and derailing progress is not in the interest of the American people, and a wholly self-serving tactic. The American people deserve better and we as a legislative body can do better.

Actually Adam, you and your fellow RINOs passed that “checks all the ideological boxes” repeal of Obamacare bill just last year and could have easily revived that legislation instead of the monstrosity of a bill Speaker Ryan and President Trump pushed. As it stands the actual repeal of Obamacare bill sits collecting dust in a committee and Heaven forbid someone mention Sen. Rand Paul’s repeal bill.


As The Right Scoop reported Saturday Rep. Kinzinger told RealClearPolitics that he wants to see the Freedom Caucus taken on publicly and wants everyone to work instead with the non-existent centrists Democrats:

So why would someone who called Donald Trump everything from a WWE performer(true statement, see Wrestlemania 23) to a potty mouthed 4th grader join in the smearing and attacking of the Freedom Caucus for rightly pointing out the ACHA wasn’t in keeping with the promises every Republican in Congress, and the White House, made to we voters?

Well, thats because for the first time Adam Kinzinger and Donald Trump have common cause; hating on Conservatives for not being spineless squishes.

As longtime RedState readers may recall this isn’t the first time Kinzinger has gone on the warpath against the Freedom Caucus for getting in the way of the perfectly designed plans of the GOP establishment, which makes what Kinzinger told RCP a big, fat, whopper of a lie.


When the Freedom Caucus helped to push John Boehner out as Speaker of the House and then insured that Rep. Kevin McCarthy didn’t get promoted to the job Kinzinger went all over TV, radio, and print media to attack the Freedom Caucus, the so-called Freedom Caucus as he put it, because he thought that internal division being made public was bad for the GOP.

In Adam Kinzinger’s world a good Republican joins with Nancy Pelosi to revive the corporate welfare of the Export-Import Bank, agrees that Boeing should sell airplanes to Iran as a part of their deal with President Obama, and openly supports amnesty for illegal immigrants at every turn.

Congressman Kinzinger is also finding common cause with President Trump because he too has some longstanding issues with the Heritage Foundation and Club For Growth(along with FreedomWorks, conservative talk radio, and the Tea Party.)

The problem ladies and gentleman isn’t with the Freedom Caucus, or conservative Senators like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz(who combined were enough no votes to ensure Obamacare lite would die in the Senate) the problem rest with lying politicians like Adam Kinzinger and Donald Trump.

The two of you didn’t campaign saying you’d repeal the individual mandate just to replace it with a different kind of individual mandate, you didn’t promise us that you’d eliminate Obamacare subsides and turn them into tax credits, you didn’t campaign on keeping the high premiums and deductibles of Obamacare in place. You told us voters you would repeal Obamacare and this ACHA bill debacle just goes to show that we’ve been lied to. Not like that’s something new for Adam Kinzinger who lied during his entire 2010 campaign promising us Tea Party conservatives in Illinois that he was one of us, when he wasn’t, man gets a 33% rating at Conservative Review for a reason.


Enough of the lies, either get behind Rand Paul’s bill or dust off that same bill that passed last year so the entire nation can move on from the nightmare Obamacare and government run healthcare has created.


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