Rep. Adam Kinzinger Attacks Heritage Foundation Again For Pointing Out His RINO Voting Record


Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger, who is supposed to be a Republican, and ran as a Tea Party conservative to first get elected in 2010, doesn’t like it when conservative groups and organizations point out his rather liberal voting record, he gets a 36% rating from Conservative Review for a reason(lots of them).

During the led up to the defunding of Obamacare fight in 2013 Kinzinger used an appearance on ABC’s This Week to attack FreedomWorks, the Club For Growth, and the Heritage Foundation and its sister organization Heritage Action.

In a widely publicized op-ed last fall after the conservatives of the House Freedom Caucus forced John Boehner to step down as Speaker of the House and denied the ascendency of Kevin McCarthy to Speaker, Kinzinger attacked those groups again and conservative talk radio for putting profits ahead of everything else.

Now this week Kinzinger is once again attacking the Heritage Foundation because it accurately pointed out a vote Kinzinger had made.

On Wednesday Kinzinger was one of 43 Republicans in the House to vote for an amendment to an Energy and Commerce appropriations bill that essentially codified an executive order from President Obama regarding federal contractors and LGBT discrimination.

Fellow Illinois Republicans Bob Dold, Rodney Davis, and John Shimkus also joined with Kinzinger and the Democrats to pass the amendment.

Shimkus, who last week was one of those leading the fight against Pat Brady and his attempt to change the marriage plank of the ILGOP platform at the state Convention, told Illinois Review that he screwed up on that vote and had made a mistake.

Kinzinger’s spokesperson on the other hand told Illinois Review:

The Congressman doesn’t believe in discrimination in federal workplace hiring, and the amendment voted on includes protections for religious freedoms. It’s a shame for so-called “non-profit” organizations to use this as a means to fundraise.


What the bleep!

Word that Kinzinger and the 42 other Republicans had voted for the pro-LGBT amendment, wasn’t sent out in a Heritage Foundation email, it wasn’t a part of a new member drive, it was simply a story about what had happened in the House at Heritage’s news website The Daily Signal.

Thankfully by Thursday conservatives in the House had rallied and easily defeated the spending bill, aided in part to Democrats objecting to an amendment that would have protected North Carolina from having federal funding pulled over its “Bathroom Bill” which the Obama admin wants to use as an excuse to take millions of dollars in funding away from the state.

However, all four of Illinois’ so-called Republicans who voted for the pro-LGBT amendment, including Shimkus and Kinzinger, also voted for final passage of the spending bill, which was defeated 305-112, with almost exclusively establishment Republicans and those who voted for the pro-LGBT amendment wanting final passage.

That congressman Kinzinger would go to bat for President Obama and the LGBT mafia(while attacking conservatives) shouldn’t be so shocking.  Kinzinger has spent most of the last year trying to erase all evidence that he once supported traditional marriage in favor of his new position, let Justice Kennedy’s same-sex marriage ruling stand, and don’t you dare try to amend the Constitution to undo what he did.

There really isn’t much difference between Illinois’ congressional Republicans and Democrats is there.

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