Cleaning Up The Mess Trump Supporters Have Made Of The Internet

Donald Trump Must Never Be PresidentThe supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump really are making a mess of things on the internet and it is time to clean that mess up.

That begins by letting all the Trump supporters out there in on a not so little secret, that website you love to share stories of on social media called, it is a fake.


As the Washington Post has uncovered virtually every story and every headline at that site is completely fraudulent. All the “people” behind Prntly do is cut and paste text from stories about Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and then give them made up headlines, right off the National Equirer’s editing room floor.

What should bother Trump supporters even more than the fact that they’ve been duped by a fraud site, is that the same people running also run another site called That site is a pro Bernie Sanders one, and it too cuts and paste stories together with sensational headlines.

All totally fake. But would you expect anything less from a convicted felon.

And as the reports, prntly isn’t the only fake news site out there, several top websites and blogs supportive of Donald Trump, all happen to be registered and operated out of Macedonia.  Those fake sites in turn get hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fake and bot Twitter accounts to spread out the stories that either support Trump or attack Ted Cruz.

Fake twitter followers, via UK telegraph
Fake twitter followers, via UK telegraph

Donald Trump is no stranger to having the word fake associated with him and Twitter. Back in February the UK Telegraph ran a story about how many fake Twitter followers each of the Presidential candidates have. Trump was 2nd, behind Hillary Clinton in the number of fake followers.


Trump, and his inner circle then use those fake stories, or retweet them from the fake followers, spreading the made up propaganda even further.

That incestuous relationship was on full display Friday when the Daily Caller ran an op-ed by Trump hatchet man Roger Stone. In the op-ed, Stone repeatedly cites as the sole basis for his accusation that Mark Levin, Glen Beck, and Erick Erickson support Ted Cruz solely because the GOP establishment is giving them money.

First, everyone should know that TheConservativeTreeHouse is and has been a pro Trump blog all cycle.  Second, Sundance, the TreeHouse’s primary writer, is a major league anti-Semite and he has a personal thing against Mark Levin.(Side note what is it with Trump and getting the support of all these anti-Semite, neo-Nazis, and other white supremacists?)

Earlier this year it was Sundance, writing at the TreeHouse, that tried to make a major issue out of the child of Levin’s fiancée being a member of Ted Cruz’s Senate staff.  Apparently, that family relationship is the only reason why Levin would support a solid, constitutional conservative, Cruz, over the just became a Republican the other week Trump.  Guess, Sundance, was unaware that Mark Levin supported Cruz when he first ran for the Senate, long before he became engaged, and long before that fiancées kid could work in Cruz’s Senate office.


Sundance has done a number of other things to let his anti-semite ankle show.

Another thing that should be known about the TreeHouse is they love to say that everyone is being given money from the establishment, and that then is the reason why the subject of their hit piece is opposed to the great and wonderful Donald Trump.

The piece Stone cites in his Daily Caller op-ed, lumps everything together, Levin got money from Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, Erickson gets money from the Ricketts family who own the Chicago Cubs, a GOP operative works with Beck, thus the establishments bought these guys off which is why they all back Cruz.

Like I said there is a bunch of garbage on the internet that needs to be clean up, no thanks to the Trump supporters.

First of all Earth to Sundance and Stone, Jim DeMint is one of the most principled conservative leaders of our generation. Another thing the Senate Conservatives Fund is not some part of the establishment you nitwits, its one of the only organizations in Washington that fights the establishment, and gets CONSERVATIVE candidates elected to office, unlike Trump who finances the GOP establishment(Mitch McConnell) and the worst of the liberal Democrats(Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel).

The rest of the utter nonsense accusations made against Erickson, who by the way left RedState at the start of the year, and Beck aren’t worth it to refute in detail, they are that silly.


This campaign and the internet in general would be a lot better off if the Trump people would just stop sharing the fake stories from Prntly, the anti-semitic conspiracy garbage of Sundance, and someone please take away all platforms for Roger Stone.

Good God the man is openly threatening, here in April months before the convention, to have a “Days of Rage” at the GOP convention in Cleveland and is openly trying to get his fellow Trump supporters to show up at the hotels of delegates to harass them into backing Trump.

If the Secret Service would do its job they wouldn’t let Stone in the state of Ohio during the convention(better if they keep him out of the continental US).

I know cleaning up the internet after the Trump supporters is a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.


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