Loretta Sanchez is rolling in PAC money, while Van Tran just has us; we need to kick it up a notch

From the diaries by the other Erick.

An article out today calls the Loretta Sanchez cash advantage “glaring“;

With two weeks to go before the election, Sanchez, D-Santa Ana, still has nearly $1.2 million in her campaign accounts, the most recent campaign-finance reports show. Tran, a termed-out assemblyman hoping to unseat her, has less than $300,000.

The reports, released late Friday, show that Sanchez has already outspent Tran nearly two-to-one in the race for central Orange County’s seat in Congress. One result: She has been able to take her message to television, while Tran has stuck to less-expensive radio and print ads.

In all, Sanchez has raised more than $1.7 million over the course of the campaign – about 56 percent of it from individual donors, and 44 percent from political committees. Tran has raised just under $985,000 – nearly 90 percent of it from individuals.

“All the money in the world won’t change the fact that (Sanchez) has passed only one bill in 14 years in Congress,” Tran campaign spokesman George Andrews said. Sanchez has responded to that line of attack before by reeling off legislative initiatives that she says she placed in bills credited to other members of Congress.



Looking at the Sanchez cash influx, as you might expect, it’s a lot of unions and lawyers;

There’s more, and you can compare both Van Tran and the Sanchez campaign here, but the bottom line is; with the two week mark here, Van Tran needs some help.

By the way, here’s Van Tran’s latest campaign flier, just don’t touch the scratch and sniff part;

Van Tran’s new Loretta Sanchez mailing



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