Flake: On Wanting and Getting Alpha Status as a Senator

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A pained Flake ponders the upcoming betrayal of his tribe

For the record, in becoming a US Senator I believe Jeff Flake has aspired to an alpha position of the highest order and, although he may have had real Alpha attributes as a human at some point in his life, he now holds his position of power by the political machinations of the betas or omegas surrounding him.

It’s fashionable in our, so called, civilized society to lose track of the real meanings of words describing the world we live in.  Being an alpha is one of those words that civilized society has lost sight of.  By ‘the world’ I mean the all of that world including the the animal kingdom and that dog-eat-dog world found in much of the rest of the westernized world. There are alphas throughout the animal kingdom, including alphas, both human males and females, found in every corner of this world that mankind inhabits.

Not to be too pedantic, but attached to that alpha status are the perks and, as most alphas find out, the responsibilities of that status.  The alphas in the animal kingdom are always subject to challenge by other wannabe alphas and must defend their position of power on the field of personal combat.  Failure to defend theirs, or take another alpha’s, position of supremacy usually results in physical death of one and the weakening of the other.

Flake sought the reins of power, i.e. he wanted that alpha position. I have little or no concern that he’s facing these attacks, they come with the position he chose to pursue.  I don’t care whether it was either the power he sought that he was not qualified to hold and got it through the inability to see if if, at best, he had a beta personality or that he broke under the pressures of the job over the years and lost his ability to be the alpha.


Based on his record over his career I lean towards him not being a real alpha in the first place.  Whatever the reason for his broken spirit, and because free will is a b*tch, Jeff Flake is a now beta in an alpha job position and he will be lucky to escape the consequences of where he finds himself.

He wanted to be and became a US Senator and enjoyed all of the perks of power that came from that position.  He is now unable to operate with enough personal power to function in that position but, all indications are, he still wants to enjoy the perks of that power. That’s a poor choice.

My RedState colleague, T.LaDuke thinks we should Slow Your Roll On Jeff Flake Hate, in part because we can’t do anything about it now.  He assumes that the reason for Flake’s flaking out is because, in part, of being screamed at in the elevator.  Maybe!  But Cruz had his wife with him when he was accosted in a restaurant and screamed and he didn’t break so that assumption holds little water.

I’ve witnessed first hand and I’ve seen it unfold of people that were in positions of power the machinations that the beta and omega personalities around them will work on the weak and unqualified.  In the Lord of the Rings that person was called Wormtongue.  Reasonable people could conclude that Jeff Flake’s caving was a direct result of the pressure applied to him by Feinstein and Coons, his friends that are also his Wormtongue.


Reasonable people could also conclude the that, for all of they are criticized for being the weak sisters, that Murkowski and Collins saw a friend in distress and stepped in to support him during his current challenges.  I’m hoping that is what they were doing.

I’ve played some sports in my time and, eventually, someone on your team for some reason is hurting the team with their play but, except in the most competitive environments where defeat is inevitable, we always tried to help the player having a bad game.  In order for that to be successful though, the player needs to be willing to think of the team and accept the help being offered by their teammates.  Prideful people don’t work well in a team environment and a willingness to hide themselves during game play is essential if their sub-par play won’t bring about their team’s defeat.

But, in my opinion, Flake is confused as to who his teammates are.  By turning to Coons and Feinstein in the brief recess and listening to their self-interested appeals to him rather than listening to his own teammates he violated the trust his teammates placed in him.

As it stands now we have to play out this current act in the Kabuki theater and we may need to use finesse to bring the Kavanaugh nomination home.  If I’m right and Collins and Murkowski were supporting Flake as a friend in need then I see them as the keys to getting him on board.  Also, if I’m right on that assumption, Collins and Murkowski may very well decide they’ve helped their friend as much as they could and vote to confirm.


Whatever happens, I have little or no sympathy for the difficulties Flake is having, don’t get me wrong, I understand his difficulties but I have no sympathy for them.  I think he is going to have to pay some price for being where he is in his diminished state, even if it’s one his eternal soul must bear, for aspiring to a position he just didn’t have what it took to occupy.

Aspiring to be the alpha has responsibilities and consequences, hopefully he recognizes this sooner rather than later or he allows his teammates to hide and protect him until his term is over.  Jeff Flake needs to acknowledge who his teammates are and distinguish friendship from the team he’s playing on and then accept how he can best help his team.


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