About those 100 or So "Children Torn from the Arms of their Parents"

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Children separated from their parents during the Obama administration

Separations of children from their parents at the border is the latest wedge issue used by the left to claw their way back to the power so, arguably, they can rule over this nation’s peoples.

RedState’s own Alex Parker had this piece  on the machinations surrounding the 100 or so minor children that were separated at the border from their illegal immigrant parents who brought them with them.  A key passage (at least for this piece) is:

Trump’s White House insisted more time was required to yoke up 101 kids under the age of 5, for reasons of safety and confirmation that the parents are indeed who they claim to be.

The Democrats are masters at taking what are, in reality, marginal numbers of people in a group and monopolizing our public discourse for far too long, think the LBGT issues, and forcing the GOP into playing their game rather than the game of governing this great nation.  These 100 children under the age of 5 and the 2,000 or so minors that have been separated from their ‘parents’ is just the current and won’t be the last issue the Dems latch onto to force the GOP on the defensive.

But, those 100, or even 2,000 children separated from their parents during the parents’ incarceration for entering the country illegally lacks all context so we can all put those numbers on separation into perspective.


A piece over at National Review titled On Immigration and the Supreme Court, Democrats Are Snookered , see here. There are some real gems to be found throughout the article.  But, there was this one that provides a colorful summary of the last few weeks of the courts’ term.

As it cleared the docket for its extended summer recess, the Supremes also decided that religiously based pregnancy counseling centers will not have to emphasize the speed and convenience of abortions by Planned Parenthood. This is the beginning of the lifting of the jack-booted official foot from the windpipe of anyone who believes in any version of the God whom the Deist Jefferson believed created us all (equal) [emphasis added]. The high court completed the trifecta by affirming the right of public-sector employees who do not join the union not to have dues deducted from their pay anyway. All that is holding the discarded skeleton of organized labor together is the public-service unions and the craven predilection of governments to surrender to them. They should all be decertified, led to extinction by the teachers’ unions that have reduced much of the state education systems to unruly day-care centers.

It also has some interesting statistics that have been hard to find lately.


This was over the unmitigated nonsense about 2,300 children abandoned by illegal intruders into America, being “torn from the arms of their parents.” They are fed and sheltered better than they are accustomed to in the countries they fled, and their parents had no business putting them at this risk. The United States has 2,700,000 minors separated from parents in prison; 400,000 children in foster care; 760,000 separated from parents in the military, and there are over 16,000 children in insalubrious shelters in New York City alone.

Since I didn’t research these number myself I can’t vouch for the specific numbers used above but those numbers seem about right when you consider the US prison population, from here that there were 2.24 million prisoners in the United States as of Dec. 31, 2011.  Add in the fact that the military has around 1.3 million members are at least the right order of magnitude compared to the 100 of the children of illegal immigrant that would be expected.

When you consider that most, although not all, prisoners in our prison system are US citizens the Dems have managed to drive a wedge in our society with a insignificantly small number people that have little right to be in this country in the first place.


Guatemalan immigrant Amariliz Ortiz joins families impacted by the immigration raids during a rally calling on the Obama Administration to protect Central American women and children seeking refuge in the United States. (AP Photo / Nick Ut)

All-in-all you have to give grudging credit to the Dems for continually forcing issues that the GOP seem all but incapable of handling without losing a few more news cycles and more of their moral authority that comes with enforcing the laws that are currently on our books during these fight.

Although, grudging credit given or not, I believe that the GOP really needs to get better at preempting these asymmetrical tactics before they establish themselves or, until they’ve improved the ability to preempt them, get better at fighting the brush fires that the Dems keep starting in across our body politic.



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