Watercooler 08/19/17 Open Thread: Last Week, RedState - And Then There Two, The Bannon Departure


Welcome to today’s edition of Watercooler: Last Week, RedState.   This WC is all about Posts, Reader’s Diaries, and comments at RedState.

Hot Topics Last Week:


It was a busy and momentous week last week so, I’m just going to jump right in!

Charlottesville!:   The event itself has been covered everywhere, including statements by Her Majesty’s Government so I’m not going to go into the speech(es), just some of the consequences.

Joe Cunningham wrote about Some Important Takeaways From the Charlottesville Violence.  The police chief declared the two sides as Mutually Engaged Combatants.  Virginia’s Governor, and Clinton crony, McAuliffe Claims VA State Police Were “Outgunned” in Charlottesville and then the police chief, who actually should know about these things laughed at that idea as he noted the MRAP used by the police.

Trump’s Communication Skills: I tried to stay on the sidelines on this one as much as possible but it happened and it’s hard not to mention this.

I’m just going to mention Trump’s attempt at conciliation and let’s just say that it could have  been handled a little better.  Now for the responses…

Joe had this piece describing one of the better responses to Trump’s ability to resonate with the bulk of his public Marco Rubio’s Perfect Response to the Trump Presser.  Trump followed up that triumph of the fine art of persuasion and knowing how to say just the right thing at the right time as Andrea Ruth described that Trump Goes Ballistic on Reporters Over Confederacy.  Apparently, Trump had enough with people leaving his Crony Economic Councils because he knows so many of the right and beautiful words so he Disbands Economic Councils.


Because we care… North Korea and Iran: I’m not sure why either of these pieces by Streiff received so little attention by the RedState community but the news that  Mattis and Tillerson Pronounce the End of ‘Strategic Patience’ With North Korea is a sea-change for the US’ attitude towards N. Korea!  For some weird reason, as reported by Streiff, the N. Korean madman Kim Jong Un Decides He Won’t Fire Missiles Towards Guam After All.

Too bad Obama front-loaded the Iranian deal yet some of the true leaders in this country are looking to scotch the entire deal.  Streiff’s other piece worth reading describes how the Nuclear Deal [is] on Life Support in Face of Iranian Violations!

Alabama Senate Race: Neil asked the musical question — Will the Trump Endorsement Matter in Alabama?  VP Pence showed his sense of timing as Teri described how Mike Pence Makes Last Minute Endorsement in Alabama Senate Primary  And all that heavy-duty support to their chosen establishment candidate Strong, finished a weak second-place finish as Moore Tops McConnell/Trump Pick!

Eugenics is alive and well: Bonchie covered this re-emerging and disturbing trend Iceland Turns to Nazi-Style Eugenics to rid itself of the burdens of caring for children with Down’s Syndrome.  It is interesting to note two things: (1) that, because this is a genetic mutation, the rate of children being born with Down’s Syndrome will remain steady at 1 in 1000 births for healthy couples… meaning that they will continue to abort 1 in 1000 children under this program and that (2) that children with Down’s Syndrome seem to be, as a group, “positive, friendly and diligent”


And Then There Were Two – Reduction in Force at the White House: I think that this method of keeping track of what’s been going on about says it all!  The tall guy in the middle was the latest victim.

But, if you missed some of the goings-on here, there’s this: Sunday Susan had this Steve Bannon’s Job in Jeopardy and later in the week another of DC’s version of The Marx Brothers left the stage and retired to quieter and saner environs.

Notable Mentions: Caleb Howe wrote a great piece on The Flight 103 Presidency” and Streiff, channeling Erick Erickson, noted that You Will Be Made To Care: White Supremacy Edition

RedState Gatekeeper:

Reader’s Diaries: Joliphant had this piece in the Reader’s Diary section that’s worth a read First Domino Of 2018 Falling In The Senate? McCaskill Backsliding On Healthcare!

Staying Open to Others: It’s been suggested that this feature should also include observations from the diaries and comments section that affects the RedState community as a whole.

One item that I think is important and is directly related to the willingness of the community to participate is the anonymity available by screen names.  Because RedState moderators use the Posting Rules we have a civil exchange of ideas.   Anonymity, and attacks to call anyone out that uses it is, in this author’s opinion, against the site’s rules.


As noted in my July 1st post, a few members of the RedState community have pointed out that the Posting Rules link does not work and I was going to “post one or more of the rules each week until the Posting Rules are restored”.  A complete list of these rules can be found in the diary here but we are now up to #9:


9. Usernames or aliases of known public figures without permission and impersonation of public figures are forbidden.

10. No attempt may be made to use multiple accounts or team efforts to manipulate the Recommended Diaries feature, and no person is allowed to use the Recommend feature on his/her own work with any account.

Frankly, I like #9 as I’ve been on at least one site where this rule wasn’t in force and how these names were used was inappropriate, I think it just makes sense to have this rule.  Rule #10 refers to a feature that no longer exists at RedState, although I think that the Recommended Diaries feature needs to be re-instated, if it is not, this rule should be removed.


Drink up, that’s it for the Watercooler today. Remember, it’s an open thread all about RedState contributors from the front page, Reader’s Diaries, or in the comments section.

Thanks for stopping by, hanging out, and drink up.


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