Watercooler 08/05/17 Open Thread: Summer Cleaning Time at the White House


Welcome to today’s edition of Watercooler: Last Week, RedState.   This WC is all about Posts, Reader’s Diaries, and comments at RedState.

Hot Topics Last Week:


Summer Cleaning Time at the White House: After precipitating one voluntary and one involuntary reduction in force the perpetrator ran into a force in Chief of Staff Kelly and got his comeuppance in this piece by Andrea Ruth Scaramucci OUT at White House, I can’t say I’m going to miss the latest vulgarian to work for Trump!

And yet… The White House Leaks Continue: After firing a few people to get rid of leaks and accusers of leaks, the leaks got bigger with this from Streiff In Leaked Transcript Trump Tries To Convince Mexican President To Give Him Political Cover On Building the Wall!  But that wasn’t enough for whoever did this, there’s this one from Susan Trump’s First Call With Australian Prime Minister Turnbull Was As Contentious As We’ve Heard.  With a lede that combines two hot topics, WH leaks and Russia, Streiff had this piece It Won’t Be Long Until Russia Starts Leaking Trump White House Email.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Sorry, this wasn’t necessarily HOT but I took pleasure in watching as another Shillary crone (dang that auto-correct!) crony runs into more justly deserved trouble with this piece by Sarah Lee The Increasingly Twisted Tale of Wasserman Schultz and the Awan Brothers.

Health Care Insurance Regulation: Under the “If at first you don’t give up, try, try again!” school of failure Patterico covered this GOP Leaders: We’re Moving on from Health Care.  The best that I can tell is that this was just a kabuki act looking for a reason to fail!  Nobody really believes they were going to pull the trigger anymore than this sheriff was going to shoot his prisoner!


The Torch Towers: Finally, nobody wants to gloat over other people’s tragedy but this was too good to pass up for this section Fire Engulfs ‘Torch Tower’ Skyscraper in Dubai

How can I not use this picture?

RedState Gatekeeper:


As noted in my July 1st post, a few members of the RedState community have pointed out that the Posting Rules link does not work and I was going to “post one or more of the rules each week until the Posting Rules are restored” I posted two rules last week.  A complete list of these rules can be found in the diary here but we are now up to #7:

7. Promotion of certain theories and ideas contrary to site principles is not allowed. These ideas include, but are not limited to:

a) Discrediting of opinions based on one’s service in the military, or lack thereof, commonly known as “Chickenhawking”
b) Violent Jihad
c) The violent overthrow of the United States Government
d) Racism, and particularly theories of superiority or inferiority, racist stereotyping, and the use of racist epithets
e) Baseless conspiracy theories of Jewish, Israeli, or Zionist control of American foreign policy or the American government. Baseless accusations of “dual loyalties” to a person solely for being Jewish or being of Jewish descent are not allowed.
f) Theories that Barack Obama is not eligible to the Presidency of the United States, or political movements based on that idea. Birthers must post their theories elsewhere.
g) Theories of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that suggest the US national, state, or local governments allowed, encouraged, conducted, or were in any other way involved with the attacks, including the “9/11 Truth movement,” or theories that buildings were intentionally collapsed on that day. Truthers must post their theories elsewhere.


I don’t even know where RedState were to start with replacing this rule but I think it’s clear that 7(f) and 7(g) are from a time long, long ago and a President that isn’t in office anymore and both of them need to be revisited.

Memorable RedState One-Liners:

“The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan.”

“Some people are like slinkies. Not really good for much, but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.” –Patricia Briggs

I am told gunner305 was witnessed leading the chant and someone was screaming “Russia is not our friend.”‘  –Streiff  (Sorry Gunner but that was a little funny, right?)


Drink up, that’s it for the Watercooler today. Remember, it’s an open thread all about RedState contributors from the front page, Reader’s Diaries, or in the comments section.

Thanks for stopping by, hanging out, and drink up.



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