Watercooler 07/22/17 Open Thread: Last Week, RedState - Healthcare is Dead, Long Live Healthcare!


Welcome to today’s edition of Watercooler: Last Week, RedState.   This WC is all about Posts, Reader’s Diaries, and comments at RedState.

Hot Topics Last Week:


Joe Cunningham was busy and the news came hot and heavy, first there was this piece on the 17th at 4:30PM proclaiming that… The Senate Health Care Bill Is Dead, But Nobody’s Admitting It Yet then at 9:05 he proclaimed that GOP’s Health Care Bill Is Officially Dead.  Then at 10:50 there was this piece noting that: Donald Trump Tweets Call For Clean Repeal.  Then at 11:01 the ‘leader’ of the GOP Senate majority shouted from the rooftops and the report led with  Mitch McConnell Says Forget Replacing Obamacare, Let’s Go with Plan A.

This was likely brought about by the news that was reported on the 18th at 5AM where Joe wanted to say  Thank You, Senator Mike Lee because, well I guess Lee just couldn’t pull the trigger on voting for McConnell’s HC bill after the GOP leadership did what they have always done.  You see, they used the bait and switch technique on Cruz and Lee’s amendment to allow sale of non-Obamacare policies in the states and then watered the concession down so that it really wasn’t a concession but a knife in the back of Cruz.

If your head wasn’t spinning after that sequence of events, Trump changed his tack (and knocked a few of his supporters off the boat as the sail caught them as it swung around) and we got this piece with Trump now saying that we should… Let ObamaCare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan.

Man!  I got dizzy and tired just writing that!


Tail Wags Dog:

Because he thinks that “the real villains are the people who voted for the ObamaCare (partial) repeal bill in 2015 — but oppose it today”, Patterico declared WAR! Because The ObamaCare Betrayal by Senators Capito and Murkowski Can Never Be Forgotten or Forgiven.  Good time ensued and at the time this was written there were over 300 comments.

Recurring Topics at RS:

The continuing saga that we call Trump

While the Trump administration hasn’t had many legislative accomplishments, Trump plus both his supporters and detractors have managed to keep the waters roiling.  This week’s installment included these gems, this one from Streiff Trump’s Legal Team May Use Presidential Pardons to Fence in Mueller’s Investigation.  Speaking of the Mueller issue, Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with Sessions here and following close on the heals of that Trump reveal, reports of Sessions being in trouble were reported here and then Sessions put his head down and is trying to get through the big pile of crap he’s had dumped in his foyer here.

RedState Gatekeeper:

RedState Gathering: Unofficially, since August is upon us and I haven’t been able to find anything on the Gathering, it looks like the Gathering won’t be happening this year.  I’ve only attended one of these and it was great to be in the company of so many conservatives, I look forward to attending another one soon.



As noted in my July 1st post, a few members of the RedState community have pointed out that the Posting Rules link does not work and I was going to “post one or more of the rules each week until the Posting Rules are restored” I posted one rule last week.  A complete list of these rules can be found in the diary here but we are now up to #5:

5. Off topic commenting for the purpose of disruption is not allowed.

6. It is forbidden to promote or give any kind of support for parties other than the Republican Party, or candidates running against Republican primary, caucus, and/or convention nominees. Exceptions to this rule are granted when announced prominently on the front page of the site.

I guess we can all agree that since the Trump disruption began, #6 has been suspended, at least for the foreseeable future.  But as I’ve highlighted above, the previous Posting Rules allowed for a suspension of this rule.

Memorable RedState One-Liners:

“Pearlclutchers Gonna Pearlclutch”  Diamondback


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