Watercooler 07/15/17 Open Thread: Last Week, RedState - Obamacare, Net Neutrality, and the Russian Bru-ha-ha


Welcome to today’s edition of Watercooler: Last Week, RedState.   This WC is all about Posts, Reader’s Diaries, and comments at RedState

Hot Topics Last Week:


Healthcare uhhh… Health Insurance: This is back in the news and Dan Spencer had this piece that raised a few hackles  Brand Cruz Supports Revised Senate Healthcare Bill Cruz Supports Revised Senate Healthcare Bill.

Net Neutrality: On Net Neutrality a four paragraph blurb On #NetNeutralityDay, Who’s The Sucker At The Table? turned into a spirited discussion that spawned a separate diary that organized some of the more lengthy comments by moi here Regulatory Capture: What Do Net Neutrality and Regulation of Railways Have in Common?

On the important but not quite as hot as they should be front: Streiff had a piece about Guantanamo Bay Is Not Only Not Closing, It May Be Looking For New Occupants, there is a lot of room there and a lot of bad people who are actively towards this country so, I can’t think of a better place for them to while away their time.  Then there’s this one on on a subject near and dear to many conservatives, Streiff posted this: Stiffer Immigration Enforcement Revealed as Illegal Immigration Drops By 53% in June.

Tail Wags Dog:

There is this from Andrea Ruth on the continuing saga that started last November.  The current episode’s plot is titled Amid Firestorm Donald Trump Jr. Releases Emails.  Or, if you prefer a different tack there’s this piece by Dan Spencer The Republican Base Doesn’t Care About the Russia Revelations.   For those that missed it, this piece by Streiff had a lot of good nature banter in the comments section (and the article was really good too): SHOCKER. You Won’t Believe Who Employed the “Former Soviet Counterintelligence Official” In Trump Meeting.


Recurring Topics at RS:

Obamacare Exchanges: The death watch continues!

This map on the current state of the Obamacare exchanges, created by the federal government’s U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  There were a few changes since last week, note the Washington and Tennessee counties have found providers.  The good folks that compiled the data and prepared the map estimates that there will be 40 counties without health insurance providers.


You can access past and current versions of this map at Obamacare Exchange Carriers by County

RedState Gatekeeper:


As noted in my July 1st post, a few members of the RedState community have pointed out that the Posting Rules link does not work and I was going to “post one or more of the rules each week until the Posting Rules are restored” I posted two rules last week.  A complete list of these rules can be found in the diary here but we are now up to #4:

4. It is forbidden to single out a user for abuse or harassment for any reason, including being new to the site, being suspected of breaking site rules, or for supporting a particular candidate for office. If you suspect that a user is breaking site rules, contact the site or a moderator directly.


Update: This issue has been elevated and is being investigated.

Memorable RedState One-Liners:

  Life is tough. It’s tougher when you’re stupid.

Often attributed to John Wayne but it was actually

said by Steven Keats in “Friends of Eddie Coyle”.


Drink up, that’s it for the Watercooler today. Remember, it’s an open thread all about RedState contributors from the front page, Reader’s Diaries, or in the comments section.

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