Water Cooler 8/19/16 Open Thread - #NeverToRunAgain, Forgiveness, Powell Doesn't Remember

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Candidates Who May Never Run Again

You’ve probably caught the news from the FEC today which will cut down on future candidates that will run for the White House. It’s a double check rule by the Election Commission to determine candidate legitimacy. Susan Wright has up a summary on the new rule which ensures hereafter no animals, fakes or weirdos will get through the screening process, or something.  But, since I spent half the morning poring over the FEC site looking at the fun things already filed, I wanted to share. This FEC.gov page has the 2016 filers listed by filing date.  If you look down the list you’ll see #95 is Seven The Dog. He/she filed in June. If you click the name you also can check out the PDF telling you Seven is running on the Puppy Party. Other quick notables: #206 Emperor Palpatine ; #204 Cobra Commander; # 156 Hey He Stole That Guy’s Pizza; #42 Coffee and Donuts.

I can’t even figure out #78, but it involves a maniacal fish and there’s another one that uses words like pedophile and Uncle Clown.  There are way too many people to get them all in here. One final one I’ll throw out is number #249. It was filed in March and the candidate was Donald J. Drumpf. On his statement of candidacy he lists his principal campaign committee as “Man Proud of His Heritage for President“. Save this site and open in on a rainy day to amuse yourself.

 Ready to Forgive and Forget

It’s easy to see what Kellyanne Conway brings to the Trump campaign. It’s hoping to display some softness. She was on Good Morning America today and The Hill points out she is adamant Donald Trump’s speech yesterday was all his own. And, oh by the way, you need to forgive him.

“I hope that everybody who’s criticized him at some point, David, for being insensitive or mocking someone, at least show some recognition and some forgiveness,” she added in the interview with David Muir.

So, who’s up for forgiving?

 Bus? What Bus?

When it comes to emails did Hillary Clinton throw Colin Powell under the bus concerning her use of a private email account? CNN said Thursday’s NYT story noted:

“Hillary Clinton told the FBI that her predecessor Colin Powell recommended that she use a private email account during her tenure as Secretary of State, according to a new report.”

Hmmm. But wait, maybe that’s not what actually happened. Politico has the Powell take:

A spokeswoman for Powell’s office issued a statement following the Times’ story: “General Powell has no recollection of the dinner conversation. He did write former Secretary Clinton an email memo describing his use of his personal AOL email account for unclassified messages and how it vastly improved communications within the State Department.”


  •  Time to tax something. Massachusetts is about to start charging 20 cents a trip to anyone who uses Uber or Lyft. A nickel of that new tax will go to…traditional taxi companies.
  •  Let’s learn some Zulu. Friday’s are made for celebrating so this may come in handy.  Oogy-WawaAccording to those in the know, it’s the Zulu word for “Cheers!” The link has ‘cheers’ in other other languages too but oogy wawa is one of the easiest to pronounce.
  • Speaking of words, seems we’re having difficulty pronouncing them. Dictionary.com developed a list based on which words get the most requests for audioplays. Marketwatch has a list of 30, here’s just a few:  Weimaraner; haute; hyperbole**; croissant; Worchester. And the number one word is “affidavit.”
  • Want to help Louisiana? They’re working on cleaning up after massive flooding hit the state and impacted tens of thousands of people.  Here’s a list link for you.  It has lists of items that are needed as well as agencies seeking help.

Today is National Aviation Day.  It’s the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday and Franklin Roosevelt designated this a national observable day.  So, celebrate by groping a TSA agent. After all, they grope you when given the opportunity. Plus they help keep you safe while flying by taking all the guns, knives and snakes that would otherwise make it on board.

Thanks for stopping by the water cooler. It only gets going good when you jump in with your stuff. Leave a comment, rant, news or snarc down below. It’s OPEN THREAD time!


*All emphasis mine.

** Getting a lot of this word, literally, this election season.


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