Water Cooler 8/12/16 Open Thread - Stunned in Jersey, Trump Kids a Lot, It's Elephant Day

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Stun Guns and Constitutionality

New Jersey has a law prohibiting citizens from owning stun guns. One intrepid person, Mark Cheeseman, along with the New Jersey Second Amendment Society is now challenging that law arguing it’s unconstitutional.  MSN has up the AP story which has all the details.   Cheeseman explained he wanted the stun gun instead of a more lethal weapon because “…a person who justifiably uses deadly force may be taken into police custody and have to defend his actions in court. He also could be sued and suffer psychological effects”. So, I leave it to you gentle reader. Do stun guns fall under the 2nd Amendment purview?


 Trump (gasp) Lies About Childcare

Earlier this week confused-on-party-affiliation candidate Donald Trump took businesses to task by saying more business should provide childcare for employees, just like he does.  Except, he doesn’t. The New York Daily News has this quote from Trump on the delightful programs:

They have all sorts of — you know, it’s beautiful — they have a lot of children there, and we take care of them,” Trump rambled. “And the parent when they leave the job — usually in my case it’s clubs or hotels — when they leave the job, they pick up their child and their child is totally safe.”

Sounds lovely. The only problem is the childcare is “…only for resort guests who spend big bucks to stay at the ritzy hotels.”

A collection of Trump employee handbooks makes no mention of child care. The online Trump Hotels “employee benefits” section lists health care, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, complimentary golf and an internet café — but no on-site child care services.


  • I’m not brave enough to try this. It’s the new Oreo cookie with a Swedish fish-flavored creme filling. (So now people are too lazy to put a sardine in between two cookies? They have to buy them pre-made?  Slackers.)
  • The Donald does not think his presidential run is a divine calling.
  • Ever wonder about the precise timing involved with the olympics.  Check out the link. Getting the timing right is really high tech stuff these days. Your coach’s stopwatch isn’t needed. Think lasers and touchpads.
  • The NFL have told the Dallas Cowboys that a special Arm-in-Arm decal they wanted to put on their helmets can’t be used except during training camp practice.  The decals were supportive of the Dallas Police and family members of officers who were slain last month in an ambush.


Today is a BIG one. It’s  World Elephant Day.  Despite it’s name, it has nothing to do with our brand of politics. There’s a bunch of sites I could send you to but I’ll only use this one.  It goes to the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN.  These are elephants who are too old or sick to fend for themselves in the wild after spending decades in circuses and zoos. At sanctuary, they live the remainders of their lives without having to perform for anyone and without cruelty. Tool around the site. It’s a unique place.

And that’s it for today’s cooler.  Remember to drop all rumors and rants down below. Grumble about something you saw here or elsewhere. If you’re at the RedState gathering in Colorado and don’t want to put up a full diary just yet, leave a note about something you just can’t wait to tell everyone. And if you’re thinking – “wait, they’re all at the convention and all I get is this lousy watercooler” –  next year, sign up for the convention! The cooler. Always an OPEN THREAD.


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