Water Cooler 5/27/16 OPEN THREAD - Flags and crosses, torching tickets, Sessions open to VP nod


Trigger warning. Expect flags and crosses

This should suffice as a trigger warning for lefties that you’ll probably see flags and crosses when you’re out this Memorial Day weekend. Deal with it. WSB from Atlanta says a memorial of crosses is back up in Hiram, GA. It had been taken down because a few people complained about the crosses being up on a small piece of city owned land at an intersection. Dozens of residents argued for the city council to let the crosses be put back up saying they symbolized “rest in peace” for the 79 fallen county soldiers who died in wars. The council agreed and the crosses returned. – ALSO – be on the lookout for flags. Everywhere. In Columbus, N.C.  78 year old Lorraine Lapsansky has worked for weeks to put up both American and Confederate flags on graves at 18 cemeteries in her city. Yes, you are warned there are places and days where flags, even ones you don’t like, will fly.


Torching traffic camera tickets in TN

This has been all over the news here in the Volunteer State.  Tennessee State Rep. Andy Holt says getting a traffic camera ticket isn’t a problem as he just sets them on fire. Here’s his Facebook page with a video of him doing that.  He says the tickets aren’t enforceable and suggests other Tennesseans may want to ignore the traffic camera tickets as well:

Throw it in the trash. Personally, I prefer to burn mine.  I’m often told by traffic camera proponents that if people would just follow the law, then they wouldn’t have to worry about getting a traffic camera ticket. Ah, so the people have to follow the law, but the government, as well as the private companies protected by it, can readily violate the law? I don’t think so.”

Knoxville News Sentinel has more on his argument, along with a rebuttal from the Knoxville Chief of Police.

Because New York thinks you’re too stupid to read. Pictures!

You know by now New York had the first rule requiring chain restaurants to use salt shaker icons on menus to highlight foods having more salt than is suggested for a body in a single day. The amount had been listed previously, but people chose to eat the food anyway! Philistines! Anyway, the rule was to start in Dec.’15 with fines up to $600 for lawbreaking restaurants.  But the Natl Restaurant Assoc. is fighting the fines in court and the matter is on appeal. Yesterday, FOX5 says the appeals court lifted a temporary hold on the fines while the case goes on. So businesses can now be fined if pictures of salt shakers aren’t on the menus.



  •  If you’re road tripping this holiday drive cheap with gasbuddy.com.  Shows you gas prices.  Which stations have “cleaner” gas with less gunk. Cost of the various grades, etc.
  • Heimlich maneuver performed successfully on senior citizen center resident. The technique was done by the inventor, Dr. Henry Heimlich, who is also staying at the center. He said it was the first time he did it to actually save someone.
  • Checking out the Libertarian route this election season but can’t make it to the convention? You may want to peek for a moment at Conservative Review.  The convention is going on all this weekend and they have a team set up with video.
  • Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions says he ” would consider” being Donald Trump’s VP.  Sessions he was reported as having once said he would not be interested, but that report was false.  I leave it to you, gentle reader, if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Today is ok, but yesterday was better! Today is National Grape Popsicle Day. There’s nothing wrong with that…but yesterday was National Blueberry Cheesecake day.  If, like many of us, you missed it – have two pieces as proper punishment for not giving the day its full due.

That’s the Water Cooler for today and there’s plenty of room for you to ruminate. With the Memorial Day holiday officially underway, maybe you have a secrete recipe you want to share. No need to keep secrets forever. Maybe there’s a bit of news missed from elsewhere. Pass it on. The water cooler is always OPEN THREAD.




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