Water Cooler 4/25/16 OPEN THREAD - Kasich tells Indiana voters they should go ahead and vote for him


 Kasich tells Indiana voters to go ahead and vote for him anyway.

That whole deal going down between Ted Cruz and John Kasich concerning votes in Indiana, Oregon and Utah is  not as cut and dried as everyone thinks it is. At least from Kasich’s point of view. The Governor tells The Hill voters in Indiana who want to vote for him should do so.

“I’ve never told them not to vote for me,” he said at a diner in Philadelphia. “They ought to vote for me.”

“I’m not out there campaigning and spending resources,” Kasich added. “I’m not going to spend resources in Indiana. [Cruz is] not going to spend resources in other places.

“So what? What’s the big deal? What’s wrong with that? I’m not campaigning in Indiana, and he’s not campaigning in those other states. That’s all.”

And there’s the nuance.  He will not actively “campaign” in Indiana and says the reasoning came down to resources. Seems to me he could have ceased campaigning in Indiana, and any other state for that matter, without having to deal Cruz in on that hand.

From the NFL

A grand jury out of Dallas County grand jury has indicted former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel on a misdemeanor assault charge after “Johnny Football” allegedly hit his ex-girlfriend. -AND- Looks like Tom Brady’s hopes got a deflated today. Brady had been issued a four game suspension by the NFL last year for his part in “deflategate”, but a judge nullified that suspension. The NFL appealed the ruling to the federal appeals court which today announced it is reinstating that suspension.


Eye doctor humor.

Rand Paul was asked recently in an interview with Politico whether he would run again for the White House.

 “It’s hard to ask somebody who just spent a lot of effort being here and there and being everywhere in between about doing it again. It’s not something that I can immediately say, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m looking forward to 2020,’” Paul said, even as he conceded that “2020 would be perfect for an ophthalmologist.”

 Renaming a school

The Robert E. Lee elementary school in Austin, TX will soon get a new name.  The school board was taking suggestions and received quite a few good ones. In fact, keeping it at Robert E. Lee was the 2nd most requested name getting 34 suggestions. Lots of other names were offered up including Willie Nelson, Spike Lee and Stevie Ray Vaughn.  But the most popular replacement name for the school, said Yahoo, was Donald J. Trump Elementary with 45 submissions out of 240 received.

 Guess Who’s on Hannity tonight?

Imagine my confusion when I find out from Mediaite that Ted Cruz will be on Sean Hannity tonight.  After their last big blow up I figured at least a month should go by before those two got in the same room.  But Cruz has never backed away from a battle and this should be fun because not only will Cruz be there, but according to the article Trump will be as well. Not at the same time, but it should still provide fireworks. Especially when you consider the whole reason Hannity is having them on is to discuss the Cruz-Kasich “alliance” against Trump.

Today is World Penguin Day. Use this day to become more acquainted with the penguins in your neighborhood. If there are any. If not, you have the day off.  This observance occurs each year at this time designed to coincide with their annual  northward migrations. Since penguins don’t fly they have to walk the whole way back to wherever they need to go.

Another cooler almost filled. The rest is up to you. Drop your thoughts or newsy items down below. The Water Cooler is always an open thread.

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