Water Cooler 3/24/16 OPEN THREAD - Trump on ISIS vid, Poli-coffee, Rubio at Convention


Trump shows up in ISIS vid

ISIS has out a new video in relation to the suicide bombings this week in Brussels.  Newsweek says in addition to showing the aftermath of the bombings it”…also features images of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.”  And it’s not just a picture of Trump:


“It uses a recent audio clip of Trump’s comments in response to the Brussels attacks: “Brussels was one of the great, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, 20 years ago. It was amazing, actually, and safe. Now, it’s an absolute horror show.”

Back in January, a separate terrorist group used Trump in a recruitment video.

Hey Starbucks, why don’t you just stick to coffee?

What’s Starbucks up to today?  Mediaite says the company has taken out full-page ads in some of the country’s largest newspapers. Are the ads about coffee? Why, no. No they’re not. They are about the “vitriol” found during this election. And while no candidate specifically is mentioned, it’s all about the politics. And about “choices” made every day. Or something. Just take a peek through the link. Just so its noted, there is not a Starbucks in my town. Or my county for that matter. Although I did have a sip of one at a hospital kiosk.

Do they even make those anymore?

A  Concord man was arrested for failing to return a VHS tape that he rented back in 2002. James Meyers  was pulled him over by police for a tail light issue. The officer ran a check on Meyers’ and discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest from 2002 because Meyers never returned a rented movie. WSOCtv says Meyers was “booked on a failure to return rental property charge.”   Ya know, you can’t really fault police for doing their job here, but that was 14 years ago. Couldn’t they have checked with the DMV, and got a current address and slapped him with the arrest warrant say six years ago?


 Aaaand the winner of the brokered convention is …Rubio?

There’s grasping for straws and then there’s this. The Chairman of a group called the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (“SBTC”) has a plan underway to beat Donald Trump and get Marco Rubio in the White House. In a press release, SBTC Chairman James Lamb tells Street Insider voters need to:

“… mark by voting for Cruz in the remaining winner-takes-all states, vote for Rubio in the remaining proportional states, and ask all Americans to please consider signing our petition to draft Senator Rubio at the Convention.”

“America may very well get a second chance to reconsider the Honorable Sen. Marco Rubio at the convention, and I really hope we do for America’s sake,” Lamb said”

Clearly this group has a few more stages of grief to get through.



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