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States want to register refugees: 

Two states are currently considering refugee registries. New York and South Carolina both have lawmakers looking into the feasibility of having registries:
“Bills are being proposed in both states to require an ongoing registry of refugees who enter the U.S., according to the Associated Press. Under the South Carolina proposal, sponsors would be held liable for Iranian, Sudanese and Syrian refugees who commit acts of terrorism.”

Magical Miles:

Frequent fliers who would like to use those FF miles for something helpful might like this. Some airlines actually have good stuff you can get with your mileage points.  This Yahoo story says Air Canada will let you redeem 35,000 miles for a $250 certificate that can go to a college student for student stuff. How about trading 88,672 miles for 10-gram ingot of pure 99.99% gold from Etihad Airways. And New Zealand Air says for 145 of their points you can buy a Gandalf Magical Silver Scarf.

Sharron Angle 2.0:

In an exclusive to Conservative Review Sharron Angle says she definitely will be running again for Harry Reid’s open senate seat. Angle lost to Reid last time by 6 points and has plans to do better this time out.  She will spend a lot of time on Common Core, which parents of students claim relies too much on testing. Also the feds gather data from those tests:

 “And then they’ve been shocked by the questions that are being asked,” explained Angle, who went on to say that she has heard reports of children being asked questions about their parents’political affiliation and who they had voted for in the last election.


Trumpets and Berners and Sheriff Joe:

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters got into a bit of scuffle Friday as the two groups met up during competing candidate rallies.  Caleb Howe has the RedState highlights here. And you might want to pencil in fireworks for today as well. Trump will be doing several events in Arizona, the final one being a major rally in Tucson. Today the largest opposition is expected from illegal immigrant groups. To add extra kindling,  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Trump endorser, will provide “security” and be a “participant” at the rally the sheriff told Politico:

Here I’m gonna be kinda wearing two hats — in charge of the security there in the town and also participating, I would imagine, with Trump in the rally, so it makes it interesting,” Arpaio said in an interview with POLITICO, adding that it “is going to be a lot of fun taking care of business there.”

Meanwhile, protesters  are gearing up to be everywhere Trump is today but tell NBC they don’t want violence.

Carson’s people politikin’:

Over at the Daily Beast, you’ll be treated to a behind the scenes look at what Ben Carson’s people are planning to give him a leg up in the VP competition.


“The agenda, according to multiple sources familiar with the plan, will include a discussion of what to do with the massive 700,000-person mailing list they’ve accrued, the PAC connected with the campaign (which has already been pushing for Carson as a potential vice presidential pick), and possibly establishing a formalized speaking program for the doctor.”

Well, it’s not like nobody knew that’s what he wanted.  (h/t HotAir) 



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