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The Virgin Isles: There was a caucus yesterday in the Virgin Islands. As a result, 6 delegates are going to the convention and they are currently uncommitted. For a behind the scenes peek at what took place we go to Michigan courtesy Mlive.com


“One of the six elected delegates, Michigan political consultant John Yob, just published a book about how to manipulate a GOP convention in the event it’s a contested confab where no presidential candidate has majority support. Yob was the top vote-getter at Thursday’s caucus with 131 votes.”

The site also explains how Yob’s wife and a friend, who also recently moved to the islands, had their voting registrations revoked, but just yesterday a judge issued a temporary injunction which maintained their registrations. For more on the chaos in the islands, there’s this from WaPo.

Lock and load for work:  Insurance reps at an Atlanta firm are now required to carry a weapon to work. The decision was made by the owner when an employee, who was an NRA-certified instructor and the company’s security officer, decided to retire. Associated Press said that’s when the owner,  Lance Toland, decided the remaining employees at his three offices would be kept safe:

“He now requires each of them to get a concealed-carry permit, footing the $65 bill, and undergo training. He issues a Taurus revolver known as “The Judge” to each of them. The firearm holds five rounds, .410 shells that cast a spray of pellets like a shotgun.”


Toland makes it known,  “I don’t have a social agenda here. I have a safety agenda.”

Polls and a shaker of salt: Here is the RCP pace for the latest polls. Just know when you go there you will be bombarded with new numbers from Florida since 3 new ones came out today. One from Illinois. A North Carolina poll. One from Missouri and Maryland. Since we just had a debate last night and the polls have been odd this year you might want to go for at least a half a shaker of salt rather than just a grain. Plus they may not reflect any Carson converts to the Trump side.  Or take in the Mike Lee or National Review announcements for Cruz. Nevertheless, they are there and if you live in any of those states you may be interested. Or amused.

Reviewin’ Cruz: Perhaps the best part of National Review’s endorsement today of Ted Cruz is the amount of slobber and foam it’s causing to come out of the rabid fingers of the Trumpetts in the comment section. But, I digress. Here’s a good quote from the actual endorsement:

“Cruz is a brilliant and articulate exponent of our views on the full spectrum of issues. Other Republicans say we should protect the Constitution. Cruz has actually done it; indeed, it has been the animating passion of his career.”


Federal government gets sued…by 21 kids: Keep an eye on this as it might be the start of something. The gist from Cleantechnica is that the children are claiming the government:

“…has breached its obligations to them under the Constitution to protect their civil rights. Specifically, they allege lack of government action on climate change is an infringement of their rights to life, liberty, and equal protection under the law.”

Arguments in Juliana vs. United States were heard at the US District Court in Eugene, Oregon. It’s one of several cases across the country brought by Our Children’s Trust and others challenging the government on environmental/global warming issues.

Advertising fail: Joe’s Crab Shack sticks pictures on its tables, and one photo caused a problem. USA Today says Tyrone Williams and Chauntyll Allen were at Joe’s Crab Shack in Roseville when they saw a photo embedded inside their table:

“It appeared to show a large group of white people watching a public execution of at least one black person. On the bottom of the picture, it reads: “Hanging at Groesbeck, Texas, on April 12th, 1895.” At the top, the caption reads, “All I said was that I didn’t like the gumbo.”


When brought to the attention of the company the image was removed. The President of the Minneapolis NAACP, said it “demonstrates that racism is still alive and well in this country.”

Today is Worship of Tools Day. No really.  You celebrate it by working with tools.  (Initially, I thought it was paying homage to the likes of Ben Carson or Chris Christie, but no. It involves hammers and nailguns.)

This is the Water Cooler and the line forms down below.  If something here intrigued you, talk about it. If you found something elsewhere, share it. Someone else may like it, too. It’s all good here. The ‘cooler is always Open Thread.

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