Water Cooler 3/10/16 OPEN THREAD- Poll has Trump over Rubio by 7, More thuggery, Contested is not brokered


Rubio doing better in new polls? Ok, we know that polls are what they are. But you may want to check out RCP. The Suffolk Univ. poll out today has Trump at 36 with Rubio at 27 and Cruz at 19. A Washington Post Univision poll also out today has Trump at 38, Rubio at 31 and Cruz again at 19. That’s it for me. I will not deduce but will leave it to others.


Contested or brokered? Yesterday, Restate moderator Streiff reminded a commenter there’s a difference between a brokered and a contested convention. Sometimes, we use the words interchangeably but there’s a difference.  And last night, Ted Cruz offered up the difference on the Kelly File.  The Right Scoop has up the video .  In short, a brokered involves GOP elites selecting someone and putting them in at the convention. Someone who did not go through the primary and voters had no say so about.  A contested convention takes place when none of the candidates who have gone through the primary get the required number of delegates.

Not a joke. A black man, a white woman, a Muslim and a gay guy walk into a Donald Trump rally.  WaPo reports on the thuggery which took place.  Rakeem Jones said he and his friends went to the rally as a sort of social experiment but once Trump started speaking, the group was “almost immediately surrounded” by sheriff’s officials who escorted them out.  While being escorted someone punched Jones.

It’s happening at all these rallies now and they’re letting it ride,” Jones said. “The police jumped on me like I was the one swinging.” He added: “My eye still hurts. It’s just shocking. The shock of it all is starting to set in. It’s like this dude really hit me and they let him get away with it.

GOP Debate #12: Tonight’s debate is being held in Miami and as I write this all four of our remaining Republican candidates are expected to attend.  But things being what they are, Donald Trump could get a wild hair and just not show up. Or something could change the mind of one of the others taking part. Who knows? The debate is hosted by CNN, Salem Media, and Washington Times and starts at 7:30 CST. Moderators are Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, Hugh Hewitt and Stephen Dinan. The GOP website says we have one final sanctioned debate. It’s scheduled for 3/21 and will be in Salt Lake City, Utah. (The GOP planned 13 debates? Really? That might explain Trump. No wonder we’re having such a weird election season. Never do 13 anything!)


  • Quickhits: Shockernot. Mark Levin has officially endorsed Ted Cruz. And if you haven’t seen it elsewhere, Mike Lee ♥ Ted CruzMike Lee is “suppose” to endorse Ted Cruz today. Here’s the take from Erick Erickson at the Resurgent.
  • I suspected this and maybe so did you. A new study out of Taiwan suggests ADHD is over diagnosed. Turns out many kids are just immature.
  • During the Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders throwdown last night apparently Clinton didn’t follow the democratic debate rules. She is caught deeting with her staff during a commercial break. Wait. What?  Didn’t Trump doing the exact same thing at the Republican debate on Mar 3rd.?  Why, yes he did.  Now we just sit back and wait for the punishments to be ladled out.
  •  AC/DC singer Brian Johnson is having to stop touring immediately or risk losing his hearing. Some US tour dates will be rescheduled with a replacement singer.  Whoever he is, he has big shoes to fill after Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.
  • 6 islands that cost $500,000 or less.   Read through a couple paragraphs of high priced hideaways but then get to six that are dirt≠ cheap. Find them off the coast of Maine, Alaska, So. Pacific, Ontario, Nicaragua, and Panama.
  • Today is US Paper Money Day: On this date in 1862, the US issued its first paper money in various denominations. Some colonies started making paper bills in the late 1600’s but not all were  redeemable. Celebrate something we all like but which may soon give way to the Bitcoin.

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