Water Cooler 3/5/16 OPEN THREAD - Puerto Rico votes Sunday, A Florida poll, The wurst, Trump's rules

Tomorrow’s election!  Puerto Rico holds it’s Republican primary tomorrow and while its 23 delegates may not sound like much it’s the same amount Maine has to offer. Rules are pretty simple, if a candidate gets 50% of the votes they got all 23 delegates otherwise they are given out proportionally to any candidate getting over 20 percent of the vote. And the Green Papers has it as an open primary.  If you’re not keeping up with this territory just know two major issues: the continuing quest for statehood and it has a massive debt problem right now.


Tightening up in Florida: Our Principles PAC has run a poll in Florida and things are looking up for Marco Rubio. The PAC, known to be anti-Trump, gives the top numbers as Trump 35 , Rubio 30 percent, Cruz 16, Kasich 9 percent and Carson 5 percent. The Miami Herald reports the poll was done Feb. 29-March 2 and has an MoE of  3.5 percent.

Trump flouts debate rules: What happens when you break the rules at a presidential debate? Not much if you’re  Donald Trump apparently. Trump broke the rules when his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski went on stage while the program was in a commercial. Lewandowski was asked to get off the stage by FOX staffers but he refused. “Fox representatives then allowed the other candidates to consult with campaign advisers to make it fair,” reports The Hill.

“Thursday night was the latest example of Trump consulting with his campaign manager during debate commercials, even though it is expressly forbidden by the networks that have hosted debates, CNN reported.”

You got to wonder if anyone in his campaign even reads rules.  Besides what are the networks going to do? He brings in so much viewership just by his presence they can’t afford to make him mad. They know it and he knows it so what’s the point of rules?

Cheat Sheet:  Louisiana – primary poll closes at 8 pm central.  Kansas – caucus until 2 p.m. CT. Kentucky –  caucus until 4 pm CT .  Maine – End times vary. Some end around noon eastern, others as late as 7 pm ET. If you don’t see a front page story on any or all of the races feel free to drop comments, updates, weather reports down below. Reports of poll trolls, protestors and gnome sightings also accepted.


The absolute wurst: Nothing is closer to a German’s heart than wurst, Ok, maybe beer, but after that it’s wurst.* German’s love sausages. The traditional Bratwurst with a real finely minced meat inside such as pork or veal is yummy. So, naturally to put happy faces on all the Muslim migrants that have invaded the country there’s an effort to stop selling them at some restaurants. Uggh.

“A number of German cafes have started to exclude traditional pork sausages from their menus in order not to offend the feelings of Muslim newcomers, Deutsche Welle reported.”

Sputnik news said members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party are criticizing this effort.

Quickhits: Residents of Embden, Maine go to the polls Friday to decide whether or not to rename a road. Each year the town spends hundreds of dollars to put up new signs on Katie Crotch Rd, but for some inexplicable reason, people keep stealing them.

  • If you ever played Zelda on Nintendo or Wii you’ll like this. Get the hero Link to guide you around Google maps. Grab Link in the bottom right corner of the web-app (above the zoom controls) and drop him in the street you want to view.
  •  NY Times found a 71 year old fan of Donald Trump who is really a fan.“There’s nothing short of Trump shooting my daughter in the street and my grandchildren — there is nothing and nobody that’s going to dissuade me…,” Ms. Butler said.
  • Today is yours to decide: Either National Cheese Doodle Day involving a handful of puffed cheese snacks.  Or, the more convoluted National Absinthe Day which requires absinthe, sugar, a slotted spoon, some ice, a glass, and water.

Those are the conversation starters at the Water Cooler for today. If nothing catches your eye bring in something else. It’s all good at the ‘cooler since the ‘cooler is always Open Thread.


* Gummi Bears come in 3rd

** all emphasis mine


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