Water Cooler 2/6/16 Open Thread - Ties to terrorism, Crossing the law, Bernie on Tinder


Police Crossing: Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has lent his support to police putting cross images on their patrol cars, reports Yahoo. It seems the Sheriff’s Dept. in Brewster Co. got a complaint “…about images of a Christian cross with a horizontal thin blue line displayed on its patrol vehicles.”

In addition to its religious significance, the cross has a long history in America and elsewhere as a symbol of service and sacrifice,” Abbott wrote, adding in his opinion, the display does not violate U.S. constitutional provisions preventing the establishment of religion.”

Desperate for a man or Bernie?  For this story we turn to the dating app ‘Tinder’. That’s where we find a 23 year women who got tired of the guys she was seeing from the app. “These guys are disgusting. They’re just looking for sex and that’s it.”  Buzzfeed has her Tinder Page with photo. Then she decided she’d use the app to generate support for her favorite political candidate, Bernie Sanders.

“Every day for the past two weeks, Robyn Gedrich has swiped right on every Tinder profile she passes. And when she hits a match — which she often does — she sends a message, the same message, right away: “Do you feel the bern? Please text WORK to 82623 for me. Thanks!”

Gedrich has now been banned from Tinder, but others have picked up her slack.

A scary wake-up call: collecting intelligence to root out terrorism begins with connecting the dots. That can’t be done if those dots have been wiped away. To find out what was going on behind the scenes at DHS around the time of the underwear bomber, read “DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties.” Per The Hill:

After leaving my 15 year career at DHS, I can no longer be silent about the dangerous state of America’s counter-terror strategy, our leaders’ willingness to compromise the security of citizens for the ideological rigidity of political correctness—and, consequently, our vulnerability to devastating, mass-casualty attack.”

  • Quickhits: Best gift ever! The Joule Caffeine/Bracelet is a transdermal caffeine patch that goes on the inside of the bracelet. Digital Trends notes because of the placement of the patch the caffeine goes directly into the bloodstream.  
  • Super Bowl 50 kickoff is at 5:30 pm central Sunday night, but there will be warmup shows starting in the morning.  Drop fast and easy recipes down below for SB partiers who need last minute munchie ideas.
  • A couple of new tracking polls out Today. UMass/7News and ARG. Trump is about the same in both. And the same with Rubio. The difference are in the Cruz Kasich and Bush numbers. Check them out at RCP and see what you can make out of them.
  • How much information have you amassed over the years on the JFK assassination? Not all of it, that’s for sure. Politico says the National Archives have turned up a list of over 3000 documents that have been “fully withheld” since Nov. 22, 1963.

Trumpism of the day:  Checking in at Florida Politics, we discover Trump is confused about running a campaign.

Look, I’ve never done this before. I’ve been a politician for seven months. I’m against governors and senators. They’ve done it their whole lives,” Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press on Friday. “It would seem to me that people would just go out and vote.”

(You’d think that Donald, but you’d be wrong. )

Today is Ronald Reagan Day in California. It was signed into California law in July 2010 and now is recognized every February 6th.  Also, this year, 34 Governors have declared today Ronald Reagan Day in their respective states.

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