Water Cooler 1/30/16 Open Thread - Can't stand him, PETA's creepy museum plan, Trolling


Trolling a quarterback:  Quarterbacks are probably used to getting trolled, but probably not from dead people. Poor Jay Cutler. Here’s a portion of an obituary which ran in the Chicago Trib, courtesy of Yahoo. We are told Elizabeth Bowman was many wonderful things, including:


“…a woman of loyalty, integrity, opinion, curiosity and intelligence. A lifelong fan of the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears (except Jay Cutler).”

Here’s a poll: It’s a Gravis of “registered, likely primary voters” taken from 1/26-1/27. Not much surprise in the top 3: Donald Trump 31;  Ted Cruz 27;  Marco Rubio 13.  There’s an MoE of 4 percent for Republicans. Because this was taken two days prior to the last debate there’s nothing to signal if that event has moved the numbers or if one candidate not showing up for the event changed anything.

Love him or hate him?  I still can’t wrap my head around this, so may need a little help. Donald Trump leads in the national polling, according to RCP averages.  But then how come he is also reviled disliked by 60% of the populous? Gallup said today that 60 percent of Americans view Trump unfavorably.

“Trump is the most unpopular candidate of either party when the entire U.S. population is taken into account — and that he has a higher unfavorable rating than any nominated candidate from either of the two major parties going back to the 1992 election when we began to track favorability using the current format.”


PETA and Hannibal Lecter:   The Layton Pennsylvania home that was used in the movie “Silence of the Lambs” has been on the market for awhile. Now the owners have lowered the price. And PETA wants it.  Thanks to Yahoo, we’re told PETA wants it for an “empathy” museum so “visitors could wear the skins of slain and abused animals.”  The group’s theory is that if people wear the animal skins, they “…would be reminded that animals also are “made of flesh, blood and bone.”  Creepy much?

White Rabbit: Saying goodbye to Paul Kantner. Guitarist for Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship. He left the band in 84.


Today is…oh, let’s not: It is “Yodel for Your Neighbors Day.”  Because “Annoy Your Neighbors in the Worst Possible Way Imaginable Day” would’ve been too long of a title.

That’s it from this side of the Water Cooler. Down below is where the mayhem can happen. Leave a comment about something you saw here or drop in a line or two about something you found elsewhere. ‘Coolers are always Open Thread. 

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