Water Cooler 1/29/16 Open Thread - Hidden behind shrubs, Medical must read, Find the furry, Firing squads


A little something different:  The New York Times has put out a “a virtual reality film.”  They made the film using footage of campaign events over the last month. You’ll need to download the NYT VR app on your mobile device if you don’t already have it. The Times touts the project this way:


“Being alongside voters as they react to their favorite candidate is a privilege that watching such moments on television just does not afford. Through virtual reality, Republicans can get a taste of Democratic campaign events, and Democrats can soak up Republican ones, without having to wait in long lines or listen to partisan speeches in their entirety.”

If anyone does the whole downloading thing, report back here to the ‘Cooler and let us know what it was really like.

Will there be an indictment or not?:  Darrell Issa thinks there probably won’t be an indictment anytime soon of Hillary Clinton in connection with “sensitive government business on an unsecure, private email server.” The former chairman of the House Oversight Committee doesn’t see it happening during the election season:

“I’ve worked with both the last attorney general… and this attorney general, and I really don’t believe they’ll do it,” Issa told the Examiner.Doing it, by definition, would end her run for president.”

That might not stop the FBI. Former U.S. House Majority leader Tom Delay says he knows people in the FBI and tells Newsmax the agency wants to go ahead with an indictment.  “They’re ready to recommend an indictment and they also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they’re going public.”


Today, The Hill says to expect a couple thousand emails from the State Dept. And 7k more pages…  Ooops! Those pages are being delayed. There were issues like internal oversight. And snow. Expect them after the first few primary states have voted.

A must read if you’re planning a surgery: This is kind of lengthy but important if you or someone you even remotely care about is going to have surgery soon. A shortage of all types of drugs force doctors to make quick decisions on which patients get what medicine while under the knife or battling cancer.

“At medical institutions across the country, choices about who gets drugs have often been made in ad hoc ways that have resulted in contradictory conclusions, murky ethical reasoning and medically questionable practices, according to interviews with dozens of doctors, hospital officials and government regulators.”

Read this to find out who gets first dibs and why.

Swell News:  San Francisco’s first open-air urinal is now open for your business, says Yahoo. You can find it in Delores Park. Hidden behind some trees and shrubbery. A Parks and Recreation spokeswoman said she wasn’t aware if other cities had a public urinal. But know that if it’s even remotely successful in keeping people from doing their business on a bush it will eventually come to a town near you. (Actually some places in the Orient have used these for years. They’re call benjo ditches.)


Loser’s choice: Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood will ask state lawmakers to give him permission to use alternative methods for the death penalty. The chemicals used for lethal injections have become difficult to get and the AG  wants “fallback positions.” He’s come up with four methods. If  drugs aren’t available, he suggests execution by “firing squad, electrocution, hanging and nitrogen gas“.

  • Quickhits:  The theory is weather is a turnout factor on caucus night. Really bad weather keeps away newbies. FWIW,  National weather forecasts mid 20’s for Des Moines Monday night, cloudy. 50% chance of light snow.  But, there’s a nasty storm coming late Monday and Tuesday. If it comes early…
  • Guess who trended on twitter for awhile last night? Grab a donut if you said Jim Gilmore. Mediaite said the tweets showed some enthusiasm, exasperation, praise, and Gilmore Girls jokes.
  • Poor Rand. He got ripped off this week. It happened at Paul’s Manchester New Hampshire HQ.  Esquire says 4 iPads, 2 laptops, other assorted small electronic devises and 24 bags of potato chips were taken in the robbery.
  • This is wrong. It is just wrong. It involves a tiger. Cereal. And furry porn?
  • Super Bowl L is not happening. Traditionally,  Roman numerals are used as an identifier for the big game on all things involving marketing. This year it would have meant an L. But nobody wanted a big “L”  stuck on anything. So this year, and this year only, it’s Super Bowl 50.

The debate: Why no, no there isn’t anything in the cooler about the debate. Perhaps you can help with that. So much has been written by every pundit out there. Did one particular piece grab you more than others? More insightful? Just too stupid for words? Hey, drop it down in the comments. Other than that I’m leaving the top “debate free.”

Stimulate the Brain Day: Technically, it’s National Puzzle Day, but puzzles are believed to stimulate the brain. Word searches, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, crosswords and even jigsaws jiggle the brain a bit.

Thanks for dropping by the ‘Cooler before heading out on your weekend.  Drop comments in the slot below. Also cram any new stuff you may find down there as well. Then come by often and check out what’s new. It’s all good. The Watercooler is always an Open Thread.


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