Chris Cuomo Latest Democrat to Pile on Biden About Debate, Speculates on Withdrawal From Race

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The preparation for the historic debate between former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden this Thursday, June 27th, continues both with the candidates themselves and the media. Particularly the media who offered Biden cover years ago for his basement campaign during COVID-19; those folks are losing sleep I imagine.


The hit list has been impressive so far, with commentators aligned with the Democrats coming out and offering barometers and measuring sticks that if Biden can't accomplish X, then a talk needs to be had with him and his campaign to get him to drop out for the good of the Democratic Party. Former CNN talking head Chris Cuomo on Friday joined the fray of wondering if and when Joe will bite the campaign dust after the debate.

The main thing uniting these people in their concern is not that the country is being led by a mental invalid but the chances of the party winning and retaining the White House in 2024.

Also on Friday, Chris' older sibling (don't want to assume a gender because of bias) Andrew was on the Bill Maher show and tore into Joe over immigration and how the campaign is being run in general. As my collegue Levon Satamian worte here. Andrew Cuomo Torches Biden, Defends Trump

The former New York Governor (D) was open and honest about his thoughts on the open border and Trump's hush money trial, among other topics.

Cuomo on Biden and the Democrats' illegal immigration policy:

"His [Biden] immigration policy was a mistake. How you do it makes all the difference in the world. To just open the borders with no plan, you don't know where they go, you don't know who's going to pay for them. Who did you even help? 

The mayor [Adams] could have said no. The governor [Hochul] could have said no. New York has more of the ideological left. All are welcome. Now we're finding out 200 thousand people later, you needed a plan; you needed to know what to do with these people."


You almost get the sense that some of these old pros are picking up something that might be amiss in the Biden camp.

Chris Cuomo mentioned what he thought could happen at the CNN-hosted debate (while secretly wishing he still worked there) and shared his thoughts at TMZ right HERE.

This is not shocking for those of us here at RedState who collectively have been following and/or working in the political arena for a number of decades. In my estimation, it's no coincidence that two old Democrat political hands like the Cuomos came out the same day with criticism of the standard bearer of the Democrat Party, Joe Biden. The Democrats are much more vicious to their own when they find that there is no longer any need for them. Former Governor Andrew Cuomo is well aware of this after he got tossed overboard as Governor of New York in the middle of his term.


That the Biden camp is currently spending time and money on trying to secure North Carolina instead of focusing on what really matters like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin shows that his team might be as mentally comprised as he is. 

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I'm all for that, and with the lefties that are now coming out and taking shots at Joe, it sounds like they are ready to kick his arse to the curb and move on to try and salvage the 2024 POTUS cycle.



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