Team Biden's Focusing on North Carolina Signals They Are Worried About a Clear Path to 2024 Win

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There is a super-old adage that goes something like this: don't listen to the words that people say but follow the actions that they take. That goes for campaigns' actions at any time, particularly in heated elections.


That's why a number of us here at RedState are watching closely what the Biden campaign does in terms of the maneuvers they are getting to get him reelected, as opposed to listening to their talking heads on TV or radio.

So when I come across an interesting tidbit of a story on what the Biden camp is doing, aside from what they are saying, I stop and take a gander, which I did right HERE with a  piece on Friday morning:

President Biden’s re-election campaign is making a larger investment in North Carolina than recent Democratic presidential efforts, laying the groundwork for an alternative path to retaining the White House and potentially forcing Donald Trump to play defense in a Republican-dominated state.

The Biden campaign has 16 offices and hired more than 60 staff members, a campaign official and county officials said, marking a larger footprint—at an earlier point in the race—than Biden’s 2020 effort or Hillary Clinton’s in 2016. Biden and his allies have spent $5.2 million in the state through June 19 on broadcast and cable advertising, as well as radio and online, data from AdImpact shows. Trump’s campaign has spent nothing on advertising in the state so far for the general election, a sign his campaign sees the state as safely Republican.

Biden’s big bet on North Carolina could pay dividends this fall if he loses any of the three “Blue Wall” states—Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin—where Democrats have invested most heavily. Those states were reliably blue presidential states from 1992 until Trump, the former president, captured them in 2016. Biden won them back in 2020, but some polls there show Trump with a slight edge.


The Trump campaign has not started rolling in North Carolina yet, but is gearing up to win the state once again, as they did in 2016 and 2020:

Paul Shumaker, a veteran GOP strategist in the state, said Biden’s trouble solidifying support from his party is one of the main reasons that Trump has been able to hold an advantage in the state. But population growth in North Carolina has made it politically unpredictable.

“If they’re able to fix the turnout problem, then the race tightens up significantly,” said Shumaker, who isn’t working for the Trump campaign.

This is just one of many signs that the Biden camp is getting a bit edgy that they have no momentum, and their supporters have a no-win situation staring them in the face. While we are still in what I would consider a toss-up area in the election, tea leaves are starting to point to a Trump win.

Now, with Trump taking the lead in May for donations, which the Biden camp had dominated for a while, the noose seems to be getting mighty tight:

Joe Biden has had a cash advantage in the 2024 race. It's one of the few advantages in the race he could hang his hat on in his battle with former President Donald Trump. 

Joe Biden's campaign and the DNC raised $85 million in donations in May, which is a lot of money — his second-best fundraising month. (It's hard to believe that anyone would be giving a dollar to him much less all of that, given what a failure he's been.) 

If that sounds like a lot, Trump and the RNC made Biden look like a piker, taking in more than $141 million in May, far more than Biden, in part because of the crush of donations after the ridiculous verdict against him in New York. He got a ton from both big and small donors. 

Politico noted the fundraising spike may even have been even greater, "considering that doesn’t include unitemized donations of less than $200 or any donations that the joint fundraising contributions hadn’t yet transferred."

According to Politico, Trump's May haul "erased" Biden's longstanding cash advantage. Trump's campaign had $116.6 million in the bank at the end of May, compared to $91.6 million for Biden.

In total, Trump’s campaign and the RNC reported just over $170 million cash on hand combined at the end of May, overtaking Biden and the Democratic National Committee, which reported just shy of $157 million.


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Plus with a "Democrat strategist" coming out and saying this (and being NAMED), and not doing the anonymous sources bit is amazing: 

Joe Biden is currently tucked away in Delaware, preparing for the first debate of the 2024 presidential race. After heading there mid-week, he has canceled all public events as he tries to produce a turnaround moment for his flagging campaign. 

Why is that needed? Because the president currently enjoys the lowest approval rating of any president in the polling era. His policies have been disastrous, and Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with the direction of the country. There's another major issue, though: Joe Biden himself.

A Democrat strategist is sounding the alarm about what's really dragging down the president's reelection effort, and it's not as simple as tweaking some messaging and incessantly shouting about January 6th. 

The split in political fortunes between the president and other Democrats has grown unmistakably clear to party leaders, laying plain the degree to which Biden’s problems appear to be Biden-specific. Interviews with Democratic lawmakers, strategists and former party officials in Washington and the states found Democrats increasingly willing to acknowledge that the president’s political difficulties are anchored in Biden’s individual vulnerabilities — including his age, his inconsistent messaging and his dismal support among young people.

“Democrats are enthusiastic about trying to win the Senate and trying to win the House,” said Neil Oxman, a Pennsylvania-based Democratic strategist.

And they’re “not enthusiastic about Biden’s reelection,” Oxman said. “Period.”


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The Biden camp stretching to try and put pressure on the Trump camp in North Carolina is like whistling past a graveyard at midnight on Halloween -- while ignoring your fears and hoping for the best.



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