Duke Over America WAAM Radio Edition 239

WAAM Radio 1600 A.M & 92.7 F.M in Ann Arbor Michigan logo (Credit: WAAM Radio)

Duke Over America WAAM Radio Edition 239  for Sunday, August 13th, 2023 is here and this is what I'm talking about for this second show of August.

  1. Michigan is a super blue state and the notion that there is NO WAY Joe Biden could have won the state in 2020 is holding the state back from fixing issues that happened and preventing Republicans a shot of winning in 2024.
  2. As always, your ever-gregarious host has some fun with the Parks Over Police people in his hometown who are having a hissy fit about how to actually use the word misogynistic correctly. 

Click on the link below to give the show a listen and if you like what you hear or disagree with anything you can check out my Bio by clicking this link right HERE and let me know the good the bad and the ugly.



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