Post Memorial Day Thoughts on Freedom of Speech and Elon Musk's Twitter Gamble

The day after Memorial Day is not usually a time one should be thinking of Elon Musk and his role in helping to balance the social media landscape by allowing a free discussion of ideas on his platform, Twitter.


However, these are strange times we live in, and thus this is the perfect moment to look at the issue of free speech, which those who have worn a United States military uniform have fought to defend and sometimes died doing so.

Just as a quick refresher, here are some posts from Memorial Day right here at RedState that I suggest you take a look at if you have not already.

Hey, LA Dodgers: The Fallen Soldier in My Family Was Catholic.

Let’s Recall for a Moment Why We Even Have a Memorial Day Observance in This Country

Now some of you might recall that just a few days ago we had Ron DeSantis launch his official nomination campaign on Twitter, and while they had a tech glitch to start, it ended up turning into a well-done discussion of serious issues facing the country.

We covered it here also at RedState. Twitter Engineering Chief Quits After Glitches Plague DeSantis’ Campaign Launch on the Platform

This did not deter Musk in any way shape or form as he spent millions of dollars on testing rockets and watching them crash and burn only to reset and learn from his mistakes and do it again. Now he has SPACE X launching capsules to take supplies and American astronauts once again back to the International Space Station.

So I think it’s fair to say that a 20-minute glitch in running an interview on Twitter is not going to ruin Elon Musk’s day. I have a sneaking suspicion that they probably isolated the problem hours or just a day after the event and have worked to fix it and make sure that when the next presidential candidate agrees to do something similar on the platform, it will run much more smoothly.


So when I came across this tweet about an upcoming venture with Tucker Carlson something clicked in my mind that Musk is paralleling the attitude of some of the founders of this country.

Musk spent possibly one fifth of his total net worth to purchase Twitter and in doing so revealed that Twitter had been working hand in hand with the federal government to suppress individuals and certain stories.

He has been threatened in numerous ways. His private jet was tracked in real-time by a college student and he went from electric car manufacturer hero to a person providing a platform for the discussion of different ideas villain.

These actions are a bit similar to what a certain 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence back in 1776 when they pledged:

Our Lives, Our Fortunes, And Our Sacred Honor

He has taken a mighty big risk that he did not have to and seems to be oblivious to the ramifications or simply does not care. He even seems to be having fun with some of the #WokePrudes on the left and I’m having a blast watching it. AOC Has Meltdown at Elon Over Parody Account That Gets Her Ratioed Into Next Week


Musk is not worthy of any hero worship and in my view; that’s just simply because very few human beings are.

Yet I think just days after honoring those who gave their lives in service to this country on Memorial Day for principles like free speech, it is worth taking a moment to note those who are willing to sacrifice something for that also. Musk has sacrificed being a non-controversial figure to now being thrown into the thick of an American political battle the likes that we have rarely seen.

He has spent a large chunk of his personal fortune to transform one of the world’s largest platforms which I doubt will be duplicated by Facebook or Google. So that there is a platform among one of the big three that is allowing the free flow of discussion of ideas is something that we need to take a moment and appreciate.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to Elon Musk for actually living the ideals of the founders of his adopted country better than some Americans who were born here and should be doing the same also.

Now if you could only buy Bud Light and make it great again.

I’m joking—it was never great.


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