Canadian Judge Denies Bail to Trucker Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich for Mischief

Canadian Judge Denies Bail to Trucker Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich for Mischief
Screenshot of Tamara Lich talking about GiveSendGo fundraiser for Canadian Truckers. Credit: @ChrisJo00291974/ Twitter

I have to give it to “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, being he got a couple of things right in the middle, three movies of the Skywalker saga. Well, actually the first three, which depends on if you start at the beginning of all nine films or go by release date — but more on that in a minute.

Earlier on Tuesday, I had written about a bail hearing to happen this morning for Canadian Trucker Protest Organiser Tamara Lich. She had been sitting in jail since her arrest on Thursday, and her bail and release should have been a matter of dotting some I’s and crossing some T’s. Here is that article.

As we are finding out here in the States, the Canadian system has a lot of checks but no balances.

My colleague Nick Arama covered Tuesday morning that vote that took place in the Canadian House of Commons Monday night, essentially giving Justin Trudeau UNLIMITED POWER, until they decide not to rubber-stamp Prime Minister Comrade Emergency Act and put him back in a box.

From Nick’s article Canada: The Vote on the Emergencies Act Is in and It Isn’t Good

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grabbed extraordinary powers on February 14 by invoking the Emergencies Act, claiming it was necessary to do so because of the blockades and the occupation of Ottawa by protesters. The Act — which came into being in 1988 — had never been invoked before. There was a good reason why that’s the case — because to invoke it would require an emergency the nature of which doesn’t exist and the invocation a suspension of civil liberties. But that didn’t stop Trudeau who declared the unmitigated right not only to stomp all over people’s rights, but to freeze their bank accounts if he so chose, or even conscript people to work for the government. He admitted he had forced tow truck drivers to work against their will to clear out the protest.

As we reported yesterday, the invocation of those powers was so concerning, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association came out against it, calling for Parliament to reject it. They noted that the alleged excuse for the Act no longer even existed — the blockades (without the need for the Act), even the occupation in Ottawa were over.

The measure passed 185 to 151, giving Trudeau and his brown shirts in training another 30 days of romping the countryside, looking for people to jail who oppose their mandates. Of course, they only do this because they care so damn much.

Well, Tamara Lich did have her bail hearing, and the judge denied it. So, Ms. Lich will sit in jail until her next court date in early March.

According to the CBC

Tamara Lich, a major organizer of the so-called Freedom Convoy, was denied bail Tuesday morning in Ottawa.

Lich, the Alberta woman behind a now-halted GoFundMe campaign that raised over $10 million to support the protest in Ottawa, was arrested and charged Thursday with counselling to commit mischief.

Before her arrest, she told journalists she wasn’t concerned about being arrested, didn’t think the protest was illegal and also said her bank account was frozen.

On Tuesday, the judge said she was not convinced Lich would go home, stay there and stop her alleged counselling.

“This community has already been impacted enough by some of the criminal activity and blockades you took part in and even led,” said Ontario Superior Court Justice Julie Bourgeois.

“You have had plenty of opportunity to remove yourself and even others from this criminal activity but obstinately chose not to and persistently counselled others not to either.

“In Canada, every citizen can certainly disagree with and protest against government decisions but it needs to be done in a democratic fashion in abidance with the laws that have been established democratically.”

Can’t you just read the nitpickiness dripping from this judge and, really, from the writer of this article? I get that the CBC is essentially Canadian government-sponsored Pravda, but chill out. What the truckers and those supporting them have done is not a so-called freedom convoy, kiddies; it is.

So in Canada, if you are counselling to commit mischief, you can be held in jail for a certain period of time, and if your Prime Minister is ticked that you didn’t roll over and die with all of his mandates, you can be held hostage until you do so.

Once again, I know that the Canadian and American systems of justice are different, but think about this.

Mischief in Canada means…

*Peacefully protesting in your capital city. Sorry if horns bug you, but mandates from the government based on feelings bug even more people.

*If you help raise money for those protestors that are, once again, peacefully protesting, you can have your bank account frozen. If you even donate to that cause, you can have your banks account seized.

* If you choose to disagree with the government, do it in the way the government says you must do it. What that means, of course, is not doing it at all.

All mischievous things indeed.

All the judge here has done and by extension, Prime Minister Castro Trudeau, is making people like Tamara Lich famous. Much more famous than they were about a day ago. And their overreaction to this is 100 percent the reason why. Even the people who are online cheering this result are just aiding her cause with their misplaced glee. I would chastise you, but I’m good with you continuing this because history is replete with how these things turn out in light of this type of government idiocy.

In the meantime, let’s revisit a famous scene from the third or sixth film in the “Star Wars,” nine-movie set (depending which way you look at it), which the liberals and progressives always love to post. The fear of democracy dying by some strong-armed dictator like Donald Trump, or in Canada, a conservative like Stephen Harper. We always hear about how rights are being taken away by these folks, yet I’m not recalling any of the moves Trudeau has just done being done before in Canada, or here in the States during Trump.

So, here ya go, you, silly fascist lovers. Just remember you won’t like it when it is you on the other end of this stick.

Emperor Trudeautine:

In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the republic will be reorganized into the first galactic empire. For a safe and secure society.

The rest of the world:

So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.

Applause, or truck horns.

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