Energy Secretary Granholm Is Used to Gimmicks From Her Time in Michigan

Energy Secretary Granholm Is Used to Gimmicks From Her Time in Michigan
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Politicians like Jennifer Granholm never really go away; they just get recycled like soda bottles and eventually lose their shape and strength. When that happens, it is not too long until they just break and make a mess wherever they are This explains the mess that Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary has made in less than a year on the job.

In Michigan, where she spent eight years as the Governor of this state, we know all too well what a mess she can make — and some of the gimmicks she used to make them. The hometown newspaper that covered Granholm during her time as Governor just came out with an editorial that lays out what a mess she and Biden are making in regards to energy.

From the Detroit News Editorial: Oil release is a gimmick; it won’t provide long-term relief

Ramping up production at home is troublesome for Biden, since it runs contrary to his goal of weaning the nation off fossil fuels. He has halted construction of the Keystone XL pipeline that would have carried oil from Canada to the U.S., and has placed wide swaths of federal land and coastal waters off-limits for oil and gas exploration and drilling,

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm struggled to explain the contradiction when asked about it last week.

“What we want to do with today’s action is to bridge the gap between the high prices today — try to reduce it as much as we can within our power by increasing the supply that we have access to as we move through — and the market then corrects itself and hopefully increases supply from the private sector,” the former Michigan governor told reporters Tuesday.

Read her answer again, being as it has the shape and consistency of verbal Jell-O.

She and Biden thought it would be nifty to shift America BACK to being energy-dependent and not allow things like the Keystone pipeline to continue construction. That has now made a mess of our working relationship with Canada. They are not happy about that ‘day one’ decision by Biden and crew.

My colleague Andrew Malcolm nailed what is going on days ago with his piece: Do Not Fall for Joe Biden’s Slick New Oil Trick

On Joe Biden’s first day in office, he killed the Keystone XL pipeline with its 40,000 jobs, designed to bring tar sands oil from Alberta to Texas. He then endorsed Vladimir Putin’s undersea gas pipeline to Europe, which will weaken NATO and U.S. LNG sales. Now, Biden’s slapping new sanctions on that almost-complete project. Which is it?

Biden has also canceled U.S. drilling leases and put vast tracts off-limits for future exploration and drilling, both on and offshore. Last week, he took a motorcade of combustion-engine SUVs to be seen driving an electric Hummer.

You probably saw all the media flak he took for that hypocrisy. No, you didn’t. Crickets.

Biden’s all the time talking about an end to fossil fuels. All of which reduced supplies and market confidence while boosting fears of future shortages, which in turn boost prices.

So, what is it about Granholm that has a gimmick cloud floating over her, much like the dust cloud around Charlie Brown’s buddy Pig Pen?

She believes, like most politicians, that she can charm anyone sitting in front of her — and all that matters is now and not the consequences of that later on. This, of course, means that policy is damned because the Jenny charm offensive is currently underway, and you just need to believe what she says. That is why her answer above is literally gobble-dee-gook.

Back when she was Governor here in Michigan from 2003-2011, her administration always struggled to get a state budget signed on time by September 30th of each year. One of the main reasons was she would promise whomever in the room that they would get X done, after telling another person or group something opposite. This is a very Bill Clinton-like quality that makes whomever you are talking to feel good but does not help deliver results.

Her explanation above about the federal oil reserve releasing approximately four days worth of petroleum, and that somehow that will spur the free market to lower prices, shows once again her lack of understanding of how businesses work. We experienced this first hand in Michigan, where she gave the film industry some of the most lucrative taxpayer giveaways for them to film here. She constantly claimed that the 50 percent, taxpayer-funded rebate on dollars spent here by Hollywood would come back twofold, but it was always red ink on the ledger that she never understood.

America, unfortunately for the next three years, you will get a close-up look at what we had for eight years here in Michigan — and for that, all I can say is this.

I am truly sorry and it is NOT my fault.

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