PODCAST: When You Complain About Lefty Tactics Then Use Lefty Tactics. Also FOIA Frenzy

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Your Thursday, Sept 16th Podcast, Bourbon on the Rocks is a day late but STILL full of goodness even a day late.

These two shows are filled with a lot so sit back and enjoy.


First up, Duke explores how a bunch of people who were Trump supporters and HATED the tactics the left used on the former President now endorse the same kind of tactic now against a local official. Sometimes people have amnesia of the political variety and it makes them look silly.


Then our humble host is told that he will have his FOIA ( Freedom of Information Act) requests FOIA’ed to find out if he has received anything in an ill-begotten manner. Of course, this is funny as #$%^ to the Peoples Mayor of Fraser and he speaks to this right here.

As always please do not be afraid to let Duke know what you think of the show by reaching out at @[email protected] and also checking out his BIO right here.


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